Are We Listening?

Posted on September 27, 2011

On August 23, the east coast of the United States was shaken by a sizeable 5.9 earthquake.  Although the quake was centered near Richmond, Virginia, it left its most significant mark on our nation’s capitol where two of America’s most treasured landmarks were extensively damaged.  The cracks in the Washington Monument are so severe; it has been closed down indefinitely while engineers and architects figure out what to do.

The National Cathedral was also hit hard.  This exquisite structure – sometimes referred to as “the Nation’s Church” – had three of its pinnacles broken off by the intense shaking.  The quake was immediately followed by Hurricane/TS Irene, which lasted for days and prevented any work on the structure from being done.  When contractors finally scrambled to make repairs, the crane they were using was overturned by the ferocious winds of yet another tropical storm (Lee).  This occurred only a few days before an “interfaith” service was scheduled to be held at the cathedral to commemorate 9/11.  As a result of the earthquake and ensuing storms, the service at this location had to be cancelled.  All a mere coincidence?  Or, was God sending a not-so-subtle message?



Think about it.  America’s tallest symbol, a Masonically-inspired obelisk modeled after the obelisks of ancient Egypt (which represented the phallus and were at the center of Egypt’s occult fertility worship), and our nation’s most famous church which had been the site of numerous “interfaith” gatherings in recent years – both shut down simultaneously.  A major earthquake, a devastating hurricane, and a relentless tropical storm, all targeting the same area within two weeks!

I believe God was showing His disdain for America’s pagan practices, including blasphemous worship where so-called “Christian” leaders share the platform with leaders of other religions, making their false gods appear to be on an equal footing with the only true God.  Our God does not want to be dishonored by being worshipped alongside demon gods who are His adversaries.  No nation whose leaders engage in such practices will be blessed.

I further believe that the Lord  was issuing a warning.  The United Nations’ vote on the future of Israel – possibly embracing the Palestinian Authority and its claimed territories as a member country in the UN (in effect, calling for the unilateral creation of a Palestinian state, with or without Israel’s approval) – was only a couple of weeks away.  Would the Obama Administration heed the warning, or would it support the UN resolution to divide Israel?

As of today, the UN vote has not been held, and the Administration has threatened to veto the resolution if it comes up.  However, in a speech to the UN General Assembly on September 21, Barack Obama re-emphasized his commitment to a two-state solution involving the creation of an independent Palestinian nation.  Obama stated, “The Palestinian people deserve a state of their own…  The question isn’t the goal that we seek- the question is how do we reach that goal?”

Although he stressed the importance of an agreement that would also ensure Israel’s security, his words are nullified by the fact that Israel would be giving up its biblical covenant lands to the Palestinian Authority, which is committed to its destruction.  The truth is, when given an opportunity to have their own self-governing state (in Gaza), 60 percent of Palestinians voted for Hamas leadership; which has as its chief, and openly-stated goal, the complete annihilation of Israel.

Obama made every effort it seemed to placate the concerns of Jews who have grown increasingly suspect over his demands on Israel.  But in the end, his speech changed nothing.  He is still supportive of the same end result – the creation of a Palestinian state from Israel’s land.  The only difference is that his “peace plan” has suddenly been made to appear reasonable due to the more radical proposal delivered to the UN by PA President Abbas last week.

What’s Next: An Occupation?  

By the time most of you read this article, America may be facing its next potential crisis.  On October 6th, left wing radical groups are planning to converge on Washington D.C. to launch a “Cairo-style” occupation of Freedom Plaza.  The man responsible for spearheading this large-scale protest is David Swanson.

Swanson is a very capable organizer with years off political experience.  Along with being the Washington Director of and the co-founder of the After Downing Street Coalition, he has worked as Press Secretary for the Dennis Kucinich 2004 campaign, Media Coordinator for the International Labor Communications Association, and three years as Communications Coordinator for ACORN.  Generally speaking, he is allied with the most liberal and pro-socialist elements of the Democratic Party.

In an interview with Press TV Swanson said,

We are going to occupy Freedom Plaza in the middle of Washington D.C., the name of which is very similar of course to Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, and from there we are going to expand to shut down offices, buildings, streets, hallways, to nonviolently, strictly nonviolently resist what our government is doing.

In his initial announcement, Swanson wrote:

A coalition of organizations and prominent individuals is announcing at a plan to begin a people’s occupation of Washington D.C., on October 6th, to build it into something larger on the 7th, 8th, and 9th, and to not leave until we are satisfied… we now have a chance to have a say, in solidarity with others around the world, with success just as likely – if just as shocking to those in power – as with past U.S. people’s movements and the recent advances in Tunisia and Egypt.  This will not be another rally and march on a Saturday, make home movies, pat ourselves on back, and go home.  We are coming to Washington to stay.

The obvious questions are: Will this effort gain enough traction to become a major event, or will only a few thousand people show up and quickly be disillusioned by the lack of interest?  Secondly, if hundreds of thousands of protesters indeed show up and wreak havoc in the nation’s capitol, growing in number and power each day, how would the federal government respond?  Could this lead to a declaration of a national emergency, followed by martial law?

We certainly hope and pray this doesn’t happen.  However, the situation bears close watching.  Christians and conservatives need to stay on their toes and be prepared just in case.

The 2012 Presidential Race

Presuming there will be a national election next year, the competition among Republican candidates for US President has stiffened since Texas Governor Rick Perry threw his hat in the ring in August.  The timing couldn’t have been worse for Michele Bachmann.  She had just pulled off a surprise victory in the Iowa Straw Poll when Perry announced his candidacy.  While the timing of his decision may have been a coincidence, it seemed to be calculated to steal Bachmann’s thunder.  And, to a large extent it did.  Perry’s entrance in the race stole the headlines and took momentum from Bachmann’s campaign.

Interestingly, Rick Perry was formerly a liberal Democrat, even campaigning for Al Core at one point.  While anyone can genuinely change, Perry’s past activities have caused some conservatives to view him with a wary eye.  To the dismay of the Tea Party, he has consistently opposed the building of a fence along the US/Mexico border to deter illegal immigration, causing some to wonder if he might support the North American Union once elected President.  These concerns become more legitimate when one considers that Perry also attended a meeting of the one-world Bilderberg Group in 2007.  While attending a single globalist conference doesn’t mean Perry is supportive of the one-world agenda, it does raise some flags given his liberal past.  This is why I am taking a “wait and see” approach with Governor Perry.  I do not want to write him off, but I do not totally trust him either.  I believe this is how many Christian conservatives feel.

Meanwhile, the other Texas candidate, Ron Paul, has made some excellent points in addressing our nation’s financial dilemma.  He understands the history of the Federal Reserve and the agenda behind it and, I believe, would do everything in his power to abolish the Fed and to get us out of unnecessary foreign entanglements if elected.  However, he does not strongly address the moral issues that lie at the heart of our nation’s problems.  More freedom, although desirable, will not by itself turn America around at this late hour.

Michele Bachmann, on the other hand, holds many of the same positions as Congressman Paul on matters of the economy, taxation, and the Federal Reserve but also sees the importance of standing firm on spiritual matters.  Because of this, she poses a unique threat to the Establishment and will continue to be pursued by the left-leaning media.  I personally believe she is the real deal and would strongly defend America’s sovereignty while faithfully representing the conservative Christian cause if elected.  However, she faces a huge uphill battle.

I also like Herman Cain, who seems to be a godly man with good ideas and business experience; but like Bachmann, he would come under heavy attack from the media if he rises too far in the polls.  It is a tragedy that we now live in a country where it is next to impossible to get a true Christian with common sense elected as President!

The Unraveling Economy

While Americans consider their political options, our nation’s economic crisis continues to deepen.  During the month of August, for example, home foreclosures soared another 33 percent.  And, the cost of living, especially in the areas of energy, healthcare, and college education continues to outpace the growth in personal income, steadily lowering our standard of living.  (Since the 1980’s, the average cost of a college education has risen more than 600 percent, putting a college degree out of reach for more and more individuals.)  All of this is putting a greater stain on the American people.  The scenario I presented earlier this year seems to be playing out, with oil prices being used to tip the scales.

In an article titled “Watch Oil Prices” I warned that if oil prices remained high through the summer “it could lead to a larger financial crisis – the bursting of the state and municipal debt bubble sometime later this year or in 2012.”

I continued,

…nearly 100 city and state governments are on the brink of bankruptcy as a result of exorbitant and unsustainable debt levels.  The coming wave of tax hikes and spending cuts intended to deal with this reality will leave many families and businesses broke, while sending significant numbers of government workers to the unemployment lines.  This, in turn, would lead to another round of even more home foreclosures… (March 2011)

This is now beginning to happen.  Unless our economy suddenly kicks into overdrive and we witness a near miraculous turn-around, conditions will deteriorate.  The fall months have historically been precarious times of crisis.  Some economists are holding their breath, hoping we will make it through October and November without a major incident, while keeping a watchful eye on Greece, Italy, and other southern European countries who are on  the edge of a financial cliff.  The shaky US economy may not be able to withstand a European meltdown if one occurs.  One thing that has helped keep the US afloat has been our relatively strong exports; if they suddenly dry up due to imploding foreign markets it will undercut the viability of an economic recovery.

[This just in: The Dow Jones plummeted 391 points today, in part because Lloyd’s – the world’s oldest insurance company – announced it is withdrawing its money from European banks.  According to Lloyd’s, the banks are in danger of failing as Europe’s debt crisis worsens.  The company’s finance director put it simply: “If you’re worried the government itself might be at risk, then you’re certainly worried the banks could be taken down with them.  Not encouraging news to kick off the fall season!]

Sooner or later, I believe a major global crisis will occur.  The top movers and shakers who are pushing the one-world agenda will make conditions as bad as necessary to pin the people of America (and the rest of the world) to the wall.  Our staggering debt will no doubt be used as blackmail to force us into their desired new world order.

I envision a time of significant financial calamity when global financiers – under the influence of Satan – will support an attractive proposal that would go something like this:

The current system is completely broken and beyond repair.  The only solution is a new global financial system which is better suited for today’s increasingly integrated world.  If your country joins the new financial order and accepts all of our conditions (which may include a new global currency or unit of exchange), some or all of your nation’s debt will be cancelled.  This will enable you to maintain a reasonable standard of living and even prosper over time.  The other option: Reject this offer and slide into abject poverty and isolation by the “international community.”

This would be a tempting offer – an apparent way out – for a people who have never experienced truly difficult times but are now faced with potential poverty.  How much freedom would Americans be willing to surrender in exchange for the promise of “peace and prosperity”?

It is quite probable that these international elitists – in submission to the Antichrist – would demand possession of our federal lands (including national parks) as a collateral against our debt.  This would give them virtual control of our natural resources and energy reserves, much of which they already hold through their multinational companies.  No matter how attractive this proposal might initially appear on the surface, it would be a trap designed to enslave mankind, with no turning back once it’s accepted.  The Antichrist, once in power, would tighten the noose over every area of life.

Listen and Obey

Since the Bible warns that such a time will come (before the Lord returns and brings it to an end), what kind of people should we be?  We should live soberly and repentantly, making the most of every opportunity to spread the truth of God – sharing the good news of Jesus Christ far and wide while we can.

Are we as individuals heeding God’s call on our lives?  Are we willing to be obedient and fully surrendered to the Lord so He can use us for His purposes in the short time that is left?  If you are one who has been holding back, resolve today to pursue the Lord with all your heart!  Listen to and obey the words of Jesus: “…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with al thy mind, and with all they strength: this is the first commandment.”  (Mark 12:30)  Putting these words of the Savior into practice will enable you to abide in His peace during the turbulent times ahead.

If you have never received Jesus Christ as your Savior, there is no better time to do so than now.  you must decide to believe in Him – that He alone can, and will, rescue you from the eternal punishment of your sins.  In your own words tell the Lord that you are a sinner and are in need of His forgiveness.  Confess your sins to Him; the ask Him to strengthen you in every area of your life – to empower you with the Holy Spirit so you will be able to live obediently and submissively before Him from this day forward.  Thank the Lord for loving you enough to die in your place in order that you can have everlasting life.  Then, make it your daily heartbeat to love and faithfully serve Him.