What Others Say

Original Endorsements from 1992 – 1993…

“As a former New Age/one-world globalist–one who preached it in the media, laid foundations, and painted dreams of world brotherhood–I shudder at the realization that we, the remnant Americans, are indeed in very deep trouble. For those who are pulling their hair out trying to answer the question, ‘What’s the world coming to?’, Gary Kah’s En Route to Global Occupation will be breakthrough reading. Well researched and thoroughly documented, Gary’s writing put more pieces of the puzzle in place for me.”

Douglas James Mahr, author of the one-time New Age best-seller, “Ramtha-Voyage to the New World” and former co-author with Shirley McClaine.

“Gary Kah’s analysis should provide a jolt of adrenaline for concerned citizens like you, because it ties strong evidence of a globalist network–including presidents, cabinet members and international bankers–to headlines that you are reading today.”

Marlin Maddoux, host of “Point of View”, USA Radio Network. 

“Gary’s book is an insightful look and a great analysis of the direction that the world is moving toward… the one-world government. It is important that we as Christians be cognizant of the trends that only prove again the accuracy of the Word of God, as we watch it being fulfilled before our very eyes.”

Pastor Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, California.

“The message of Gary Kah is a powerful reminder that we are getting closer and closer to the return of the King of Kings. Gary’s personal experience gives creditable proof that we are heading swiftly into a One World Government.”

Beverly LaHaye, President, Concerned Women for America. 

“Without question, Gary Kah is one of the most dynamic communicators that we’ve ever had on Crosstalk. He has a fascinating personal story and his message is one that all America needs to hear.”

Vic Eliason, host of “Crosstalk”, VCY America Radio Network. 

“Gary Kah has written a well documented and valuable account of one-worlder plans from the perspective of a concerned patriot and religious believer. I strongly recommend Gary’s book which is an urgent call to action to preserve our sovereign nation and constitutional republic while there is still time.”

David B. Funderburk, former U.S. Ambassador to Romania.

“Gary Kah has done a masterful job of pulling together many events that have occurred in the recent past to present a strong argument for his warning of the threat of a one-world government. Freedom loving people all over the world should wake up their friends and neighbors to this REAL threat to our liberty.”

Don Rogers, California State Senator.

Recent Endorsements…

“I have hosted a daily Christian talk show since 2010. When I need an expert to discuss globalism and the universal religion movement, I turn to Gary Kah. Gary has spent decades extensively researching globalism and has written excellent books and articles on the topic. The information is insightful and critical in helping Christians understand the times we live in and staying focused on the Lord. What I respect most about Gary is not just his knowledge and wisdom on the subject, but how he continually reports today’s news and movements in light of God’s Word, providing real hope for people – hope in Jesus Christ.

Gary is a true ‘Watchman on the Wall.’ He warns people of pending danger while pointing them to the hope of God, revealed in His Word.”

Mike LeMay, “Stand Up for the Truth” (Q90fm), Green Bay, Wisconsin

“I have worked with Gary Kah for 15 years and know him to be an important watchman on the wall. If some didn’t listen to his warnings at one time, they are listening now. He remains one of my most popular radio guests.”

Jan Markell, Olive Tree Ministries, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Congratulations on 25 years of reliable, biblical ministry Gary! It has been my honor and pleasure to observe as God has used your tireless efforts. It has also been a joy to know you and work with you as a man of integrity and stability. You are an example for others that though you take on some of the hardest issues we face, you’ve always done so by dotting every i and crossing every t. Thanks for exemplifying the spirit of a watchman and always doing what you do for the glory of God. Should the Lord delay His coming, I pray many more years of fruit-filled ministry for you and Audrey. God bless you my friend!”

Eric Barger, Author and Founder of Take A Stand! Ministries, Rowlett, Texas

“Gary has keen insight and discernment regarding current world events. Seeing them through the eyes of biblical prophecy, his information is well researched and grounded in Scripture. Gary’s materials have been very helpful to me in discerning the signs of the times and understanding that when we see all these events of the world taking place we can look up with hope in Jesus Christ, knowing that our redemption draws near and remembering God is in control. On a personal note, I find Gary to be a very humble and sincere believer with a servant’s heart and a balanced Christ-centered approach to the study of biblical prophecy.”

Pastor Steven Bell, Union Baptist Church, Greensburg, Indiana

“My friend, Gary Kah, is one of the most knowledgeable people I know of concerning the times in which we live. His vast knowledge includes not only what the Bible says will take place in the end times, but what is currently taking place in countries all over the world. I have known Gary for over twenty years now, and it is a privilege to know someone who is so steady in his faith, and his character. His godly family also is a testimony of one who demonstrates his faith in the Lord by what he says and how he conducts himself. There are very few people these days that I would fully endorse without hesitation. Gary is one of them. The urgent message he speaks from pulpits around the world and what he writes in his books must be heard.”

Mark Crouch, Station Manager – Trinity Broadcasting Network, Indianapolis, Indiana

Excerpts from Letters & Emails…

“Kristin forwarded me the video Gary did for the pastor in Ireland. I just finished listening to it. I hung on his every word; prayed and cried while listening. The book he wrote 30 years ago is now coming to pass. Convey my heartfelt thankfulness for his courage and commitment to the truth, God’s truth. It’s sobering to realize God has placed us in this generation and time to be witnesses! I’m praying for you both and your family! Until we meet again, take care and may the Lord bless you and keep you in His care.”

Lois, Seattle

“Gary – My husband and I just want to encourage you. We had the privilege of watching several videos of you speaking on YouTube. What a blessing you are. I appreciate your speaking the truth but from such a humble heart. It seems we have a climate of people afraid to speak the truth and thus hiding the truth because of fear of man (a personal struggle) or people full of such pride that they are speaking in such a way as to not even avail themselves to be heard because they are so abrasive. Hate is rampant everywhere…My husband and I already are and will continue to pray for you and your family. Your courage and bravery is second to none.”

Christine & Mike, Montana

“God puts you in our hearts and prayers so often. We are moved by your obvious commitment to the Lord on a personal level FIRST, to your family SECOND, and to your ministry, which in your case is your work, THIRD. That’s the proper Biblical order and there are so few in ministry that seem to ‘get it’ and, in the process, lose their families and their joy along the way. We are also moved with how much you accomplish, and how ethically, honestly, transparently, and prayerfully you conduct yourselves in all you do. We are grateful God has allowed us to share in the miracle of His provision along with you.”

Leslie & Barney, Missouri

“We cannot thank you enough for being willing to come and speak at our annual banquet! Many people who attended the workshop and the banquet have since called and emailed us to share how much they appreciated what they learned – and what you’ve gone through to inform those of us who otherwise wouldn’t know just how close we really are to a global interfaith government.”

Nicole, Minnesota

“I just wanted to e-mail to say thanks for writing the book En Route to Global Occupation. Although reading it 20+ years after publication I have found it to be one of the most insightful reads on the Occult forces driving our planet I have read to this date. I look forward to sharing this information with as many people as possible and have already persuaded many Christian brothers and sisters to purchase a copy. I don’t usually do this but I just felt it was necessary to write to you to both express my gratitude and encourage you to keep ‘exposing the fruitless deeds of darkness’ as I imagine you will be under a lot of attacks from the enemy and his legions.”

Joel, United Kingdom

“I received your end of year review, and let me just say, Our God is ministering through you & your family. May God reach out & bless you with a double portion of the Holy Spirit that Elisha received. Just a word that God would have me speak – Dark days are coming soon to America, but let our witness be a light to God’s children! We must stand for truth. The Supreme Court & the laws of the Gov’t may change to the ways of the world, but our Gospel message from God’s Word must not change.”

Carroll, Missouri

“Thank you for writing En Route to Global Occupation! That excellent book woke us up to the diabolical agenda of the globalists and we have been awake & watching ever since! Again thank you!”

Robert & JoVeta, Texas