Dirty Politics

By Gary H. Kah (Written July 16, 2019)

I have never been a party loyalist when it comes to American politics, largely because I’ve understood that the socialist/new age agenda of the one-world movement has been advanced over the years by proponents in both the Republican and Democratic parties. However, the situation in the Democratic party has now reached a point where it is next to impossible to be a knowledgeable Democrat and a knowledgeable Christian at the same time. Unless one is extremely naïve or completely unaware of what the Democratic Party currently stands for, one cannot serve Christ with a sincere heart and still vote Democrat.

It is not unfair to say that the Democratic Party is engaged in an all-out assault on this country’s Judeo-Christian principles and on Bible-believing followers of Jesus Christ. The extremist, immoral, anti-biblical positions of this party’s leaders can no longer be ignored or denied. Their radical beliefs are on full display for all to see. If the televised debates have shown us anything, it is that the Democratic presidential contenders are not afraid to boldly voice their far-Left, anti-Christian beliefs. They feel their time has come. They have the vast majority of the media, the movers and shakers of the Internet, and registered Democratic voters on their side.

In a recent poll cited by Fox News on July 3rd, socialists Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg would carry a combined total of 51 percent of the Democratic vote if the election were held now. The other far-Left candidates would garner another 22 percent of the vote. Joe Biden, who was deemed the front runner, could only muster a little over 20 percent in this poll. Even though Biden has been a globalist most of his life and is quite liberal in his own right, he is apparently too conservative for the new generation of radical Socialists. As a result, he’s moving further and further to the left to chase his party’s growing socialist wave.


The top Democratic contenders from the far Left: Harris, Warren, Sanders and Buttigieg

The fact is, about three-fourths of Democrats are now squarely in the far-Left socialist camp, and most of the others favor the bulk of their Party’s liberal positions on big government and issues of morality. So, what does all of this mean for pro-family Evangelicals and conservative Jews? Well, considering that these rabid Socialists are not a very friendly bunch, and that they vehemently despise Bible-believing Christians and Jews, if they come to power, we should expect persecution on a grand scale. Bear in mind, many of these individuals hold pagan, earth-centered, occultic views and/or are devoted Marxists. None of this bodes well for those of us who believe in the God of the Bible.

The leading figures within the one-world socialist movement are not naïve. They are plain wicked! The results of their efforts, if they “succeed,” will be anarchy, civil war, the demise of our republic, and the subjugation of America under a global socialist government regime. Many Christians, wanting to believe the best in people, have a difficult time accepting the fact that there are so many evil people who would intentionally do such things. They have already forgotten the lessons of World War II and tend to dismiss the prophetic warnings of Scripture. Unless they take the time to do some genuine open-minded research of their own, they will remain in a state of delusional bliss – not waking up until it is too late to effectively defend their freedoms.

The Institute for Policy Studies

Leftist one-world organizations have been networking together for many decades. I’ve listed and documented the efforts of some of those organizations in my book En Route to Global Occupation. One of the lesser known groups that is having a huge influence on the Democratic Platform is the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). It is little more than a leftist Soviet propaganda front that has made its way to the core of the Democratic Party. The mainstream media would never volunteer information about this dangerous organization. Why would they expose one of their own?

According to investigative reporter Frank Holmes, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are among those on board. Here are some excerpts from his April 23rd article, titled “INSANE! 2020 election conspiracy uncovered,” first published by The Horn News service:

Their secret relationship came out of the shadows…after Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand signed onto a new racial wealth redistribution plan the group drew up. Gillibrand threw her support behind a report on “Ten Solutions to Bridge the Racial Wealth Divide” written by the Institute for Policy Studies. The plan calls for slavery reparations, giving money to every American baby at birth, guaranteeing everyone a job, and adopting Medicare to all. You’ve heard the same things from other top 2020 Democrats – and their far-Left plan isn’t as extreme as the group behind it.

The IPS has spent 66 years getting U.S. spies killed, calling for revolutionary change to the Constitution, defending Communism and terrorism around the world – and blaming it all on the United States! IPS follows the “classic Leninist design” of having “a revolutionary ‘cell’ of politically motivated activists” attacking the U.S. “political system writ large,” according to John Tierney at the conservative Capital Research Center. IPS co-founder, Arthur I. Waskow, said, “Revolution must be planned, organized and then pulled off…through methods that put lives on the line.” Other IPS founders and senior officers called the Soviet military threat a “myth” and the Russian Revolution was a great example of “successful revolutions…”

Even though the group worked with Marxists trying to overthrow the U.S. government, the IPS always had an open door at the Democratic Party. In the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, 56 Democrats in Congress asked IPS to write a budget that destroyed the military and cut defense spending by half – in the middle of the Cold War! But the word got out. IPS’s Communist influences and ties were so strong that even The New York Times Magazine had to admit it in 1981. IPS was outed – but it still had millions of dollars from billionaires like George Soros, Ted Turner, and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation…so they laid low for a while. Now they’re back, and they’re calling the shots again for the Democratic Party – and not just through Gillibrand.

One of the top players in IPS is named Robert Borosage. He joined the group in the early ‘70s straight out of Yale Law, and he’s still on the IPS Board of Trustees to this day… Well, Borosage decided to wrap the radical Left’s tentacles around more and more of the Democrat Party by starting the annual “Take Back America” conferences. They were later renamed “America’s Future Now” conferences, and now they’re the “Take Back the American Dream” conferences. Critics say it’s the same old radicalism under a new and improved label. Only now the IPS/socialists’ ideas are coming out of the mouths of some of the most prominent Democrat politicians in the country. Here are a few conference speakers – you may have heard of them: Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Van Jones, Maxine Waters. And the list just goes on and on…

Now this anti-American, pro-Marxist group is writing the Democrats’ platform. If one of their liberal Democrat puppets wins in 2020, America might just get to see how “successful” a socialist revolution will be in the U.S.

Once we’re aware of the various socialist groups that have overtaken the Democratic Party, we can begin to understand why the party supports open borders, sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants (a percentage of whom are violent gang members, hardened criminals, and potential terrorists), post-birth abortion, every LGBTQ demand, free healthcare, college tuition, and at least $12,000 of annual universal income for everyone, etc. The restructuring (Perestroika) of America’s economy and system of government that is being called for by the radical Democratic candidates would more than triple the size of our government – which means that our taxes would have to be tripled to pay for it all, which also means that we would effectively become a socialist nation, with over 85 percent of our annual income going to the government (if one includes city, state and local taxes). How would you like to live in a country where you are left with only 12-15 percent of your hard earned income?

The Propaganda War

What is even more outrageous than these extremist, unrealistic demands, are the devious, underhanded tactics that Democrats are employing to gain support for their far-Left policies. With the media on their side, they have become masters of propaganda – FAKE NEWS. The following are just a few examples of how they are perverting the truth.

The socialist media has shown images of migrant children in so-called “cages,” accusing the Trump administration of being heartless, when in fact some of these pictures were taken during the Obama administration. The truth is, every effort is being made by border officials to treat migrants humanely – even though most are entering illegally with contrived stories! However, our border agencies have been completely overwhelmed and are out of space. They have nowhere left to put these “asylum seekers” while they try to determine the legitimacy of their claims. This has created some less than desirable living conditions for a number of migrants.

Meanwhile, Marxists like George Soros together with Venezuelen and, more recently, Iranian shadow groups, have helped to organize and fund the waves of illegal immigrants flooding our border. An increasing number of these people are coming from the Middle East and parts of Africa. Yet, Democrats in Congress have the audacity to blame this cleverly-engineered crisis on President Trump and the Republicans, when they know full well it has been fueled by allies of the Democratic Party. In the midst of this chaos they continue to advocate their policy of open borders, which would make matters far worse and demonstrates that they have no intention of solving this problem.

On another front, Democrats have falsely accused the President of collusion with Russia, when in fact they were the ones colluding from the start. The details on much of this will be released any day now as the investigations of the Inspector General are wrapping up. The fallout from these reports and other investigations commissioned by U.S. Attorney General William Barr could be monumental. It appears that leading figures from the upper echelons of the FBI and CIA were conspiring with the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign to prevent Donald Trump from being elected. They did so by using fabricated dossiers and allegations from foreign agents with ties to Russia and other countries.

Former, and some current, leaders of the FBI and CIA who favor global socialism are pulling all the strings at their disposal in Congress and the media to oppose President Trump and falsely accuse him of the very things that they themselves are guilty of. Perhaps the most stunning fact that has surfaced in all of this is that Trump’s number one accuser, former CIA Director John Brennan, was at one time a member of the U.S. Communist Party. Yet, he was able to join the CIA in 1980 and was appointed the director of the agency in March of 2013 by Barack Obama. The brazen extent to which Democratic leaders are willing to go to deceive the American people is almost unbelievable. The hypocrisy is staggering!

What stunts will Democrats pull in this week’s questioning of Robert Mueller?

At the state level, Democrats in California are feverishly working to keep President Trump off of their 2020 ballet – unless he releases his tax returns. The President is under no legal obligation to do so, and probably won’t, because he knows that Democrats would turn it into yet another witch hunt and use it to slow his reform efforts. Other liberal states may apply similar pressure.

The last time there was this kind of hatred for a U.S. President, it resulted in civil war, the assassination of Abe Lincoln, and the near demise of our constitutional republic. We can only hope and pray that history will not repeat itself.

Here are a few other examples of dirty politics and twisted truth. Democrats relentlessly accuse Republicans of being racists; yet they (Democrats) continue to unwaveringly support Planned Parenthood which was founded by Margaret Sanger in 1916 for the purpose of eliminating Black babies. She carried out her agenda with the support of the Ku Klux Klan whose leaders were from the beginning heavily Democrat. (A little known fact: Albert Pike, the infamous leader of Scottish Rite Freemasonry from 1859 to 1891, was a racist and wrote the anthem and the rules for the KKK.)

The late Robert Byrd, the very popular Democrat who served as the Senate Majority Leader for many years, was at one time an avid racist and high-ranking member of the KKK. Byrd was also a highly decorated 33º Freemason. Even though various Democratic leaders have held key positions in these and other secret societies with questionable racist histories, you won’t hear about any of this in the media except to defend these individuals if the word gets out. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has put more young Black men back to work than any President in U.S. history, but receives virtually no credit. The current unemployment rate among Blacks is at an all-time low, hovering at 5-7 percent.

Another example of dirty politics comes by way of the ultra-liberal Marxist judges who’ve become activists for the socialist movement. They repeatedly overstep their limits, handing down outrageous decisions that are unconstitutional and consistently violate our Christian freedoms. The President is trying to turn the judicial system around by appointing more Christian-friendly federal judges – another reason he is so hated by the Left. They shamelessly smear every conservative judge he nominates.

The misinformation and propaganda being hurled at our young people on college campuses – with Marxist professors turning them into social activists for every anti-Christian cause – is one more example of the deceitful practices of the Far Left. The list goes on…

The Left is highly organized, well-funded, and tenaciously persistent and determined to rid America of whatever Judeo-Christian foundation remains. A number of Christian leaders and conservative members of Congress are fighting back. The battle, I believe, will continue to intensify in the days ahead. Things are quickly coming to a head!

A Spiritual Perspective

To be fair, there have been plenty of Republicans during the last few decades who have favored globalization and belonged to or worked with societies trying to usher in the New World Order. John McCain was just one of many. However, over the last ten to fifteen years, a growing number of conservative, pro-Christian Republicans have managed to get elected to Congress. Today, I would venture to say that over 90 percent of the political effort to hold back the tide of global government, socialism, and anti-Christian legislation is coming from these brave souls. For this they deserve credit – and our continued prayers and support. They are putting their lives, reputations, and careers on the line by opposing the one-world establishment and defending our constitutional republic.

I realize that no one person, party, or nation is capable of “saving the world.” Only Jesus will accomplish this when He returns. Nonetheless, those of us who are His followers have been called to “occupy” until He comes (Luke 19:13).* We are His ambassadors in this world and, as such, are to represent Him well in every walk of life – including the realm of politics. If we do not stand strong for Christ in this, and other areas of life, we surrender territory to the enemy. Once he establishes a foothold, he expands his influence – taking more and more ground.

When we accepted Jesus as our Messiah and Lord, not only was our eternity in Heaven with Him secured, but we signed up to be His spiritual soldiers in this world – standing for what is right and good while fighting against that which is evil. In other words, like it or not, we are in a battle that will continue as long as we are alive, or until Jesus returns to defeat the enemy (Matt. 24, 2 Thess. 2, Rev. 19). [Thankfully, the spiritual battle involving our eternity was already won when He rose from the grave, conquering sin and eternal death.]

But, for now, we have a job to do. We must put on the whole armor of God and, relying on the vast power of the Holy Spirit living within us, resist and fight the devil and his accomplices with unyielding determination and courage. Come what may, with the Lord Jesus by our side, let us stand firm for Him to the end!!

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. 

— Ephesians 6:10-18

*In Luke 19:13 (KJV) occupy means “to give sacrificially for the work of God.” In His parable Jesus essentially said that we are to remain occupied in working hard for His kingdom until He returns.  ■

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