What a Mess!

By Gary H. Kah

If it seems to you that the world around us is “coming undone,” you are not alone. We’ve never received this much correspondence from concerned citizens who are doing their best to stand against the evil permeating every area of society. So much is happening all at once. Talk about information overload – it’s difficult to even know where to begin!

While it’s impossible to cover all of the unfolding developments here, we’ll look at some of the more important ones, presenting the most relevant information according to topical categories.

COVID Corruption

On March 10th, the US House of Representatives voted to declassify intelligence information pertaining to the origins of COVID. Congressional investigations spearheaded by Ohio’s brave Jim Jordan are turning up deception and intentional manipulation on all fronts. Dr. Anthony Fauci and his closest allies have perpetrated the most comprehensive scam in American history, under the cover of “health science.” Their deliberate gain-of-function funding and the subsequent Chinese virus release killed millions of people globally and was used to force unapproved COVID vaccines upon the masses. Their actions lined the pockets of Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers while sending the global economy into a tailspin.

It is almost inconceivable that all of this was unintentional, especially when so many credible doctors and scientists sounded the alarm against the dangers of gain-of-function research and the inadequately tested COVID vaccines. One of the individuals who did his best to warn the medical community and the public against the vaccines was Dr. Robert Malone, who was actually one of the inventors of mRNA vaccine technology. Malone, who also happens to be the president and co-founder of the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists, revealed that over 17,000 doctors and scientists signed a declaration stating unequivocally that genetic vaccines need to be withdrawn.1 “These genetic vaccines are not working,” he said in a July 21 interview on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program. “All over the world, we are seeing these datasets that show that, unfortunately, the people that are dying and being hospitalized are overwhelmingly the highly vaccinated.” In addition, he explained that most of the countries with emerging economies and low vaccination rates have experienced the lowest Covid-19 mortality rates in the world.2

Global pandemic exercise in Brussels

According to Our World in Data statistics presented in The Epoch Times, only 1.4 percent of Haiti’s population has been vaccinated, yet the country has recorded a rate of only 73 deaths per one million people. On the other hand, in South Africa where 32 percent of the population is vaccinated, the COVID death rate is 1,717 per one million people. And, in case you’re wondering, here in the US where 67 percent of the population is vaccinated, the death rate from COVID is 3,058 per one million people.3

Dr. Malone emphasized that “The RNA from the vaccine produces more spike protein than the natural infection does. Now that makes sense about why we see more adverse events with the vaccines than we see with the infection itself, because spike is a toxin.”4 Despite all of this indisputable data, Fauci and his propaganda elite – with the unwavering support of the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill Gates, and the overall medical/Big Pharma establishment – are continuing to plow ahead with their sinister globalist “health” agenda. So, if you think we’ve seen the end of COVID, think again.

Do you remember the Event 201 symposium that took place in New York City in October of 2019? It was a tabletop exercise – attended by one-world elites – that simulated their response to a global COVID pandemic. It was a de facto dress rehearsal for the “main event” that began to unfold just weeks later in China. (We covered all of this in our Spring 2020 issue, “Covid-19: A Global Conditioning.”)

Well, another similar conference was held this past October, this time in Brussels. It was attended and sponsored by many of the same globalist visionaries responsible for Event 201. The conference was appropriately named Catastrophic Contagion. Here are some excerpts from a post-event press release:

The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, conducted Catastrophic Contagion, a pandemic tabletop exercise at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in Brussels, Belgium on October 23, 2022…The exercise simulated a series of WHO emergency health advisory board meetings addressing a fictional pandemic set in the near future. Participants grappled with how to respond to an epidemic located in one part of the world that then spread rapidly, becoming a pandemic with a higher fatality rate than Covid-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people. (emphasis mine)5

Is this a sign of things to come? Unfortunately, probably so. The group of participants consisted of 10 current and former Health Ministers and senior health officials from several countries – including Senegal, Rwanda, Nigeria, Singapore, India and Germany – along with Bill Gates and other high-level players. Unless Gates, the WHO, and their globalist allies are exposed and stopped, the next pandemic may be far worse – possibly targeting children – and will be used to empower the WHO through its soon-to-be ratified international pandemic treaty. (See the “Fast Facts” section of this issue for further details.)

Economic Jitters

In early March, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) – the nation’s 16th largest bank – was shut down by California regulators amidst a run on its deposits. The FDIC then stepped in to seize control of SVB. This represents the second largest bank failure in US history and could be a warning of looming financial chaos.

The US economy is struggling against the Biden administration’s roadblocks to recovery. Since taking office Biden has done everything that one would do if they were intent on destroying our nation’s economy. His actions and reckless spending have caused our national debt to soar, along with inflation. His 2024 proposed budget, if approved, would cause debt to skyrocket further, pushing the US to the brink of bankruptcy while crashing our already fragile economy. The administration’s overt socialist agenda includes crippling tax increases and the hiring of 87,000 new IRS employees to intimidate taxpayers. Meanwhile, Biden’s budget would fund the hiring of only about 350 new border patrol agents. If one does the math, Biden is trying to bring on board approximately 250 new IRS agents for every one border agent. This is unbelievable and completely irresponsible in light of the escalating border crisis and threat to our nation’s security!

The growing inflation, fueled by out-of-control spending, has given the Federal Reserve the excuse it needs to keep hiking interest rates on borrowers. The Fed’s actions are choking economic growth, causing serious banking concerns and stock market jitters. These and other developments are setting the stage for the introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) system when everything crashes.

Kristi Noem recently became the first US governor to veto a bill that would have permitted a federal government-controlled CBDC to be introduced in her state of South Dakota. After reading the bill she said she became concerned by its wording that would have allowed the introduction of a government CBDC while eliminating the possibility for independent private crypto currencies. Congratulations Governor Noem for putting your foot down. Hopefully other governors will follow your lead as their states face similar legislation intended to clear the way for the Fed’s CBDC plans. If we lose our cash, we lose our freedoms!

This is a global endeavor. Eleven nations have already unveiled digital government currencies with 18 more entering their pilot phases. We can expect a more concerted visible push for a national CBDC in the United States in the near future. One possible pushback would be for states to establish their own banking/non CBDC currency systems – if this battle cannot be won at the national level. We’ll see how things unfold. Meanwhile, do everything possible to get out of debt and prepare for difficult times. Make common sense preparations, like those highlighted in our previous issues.

The Threat of World War

Our health and finances are not the only things under attack. Our security and sovereignty as a nation are being threatened as well. Since the Russia-Ukraine war began one year ago the US has become increasingly involved, currently supplying over 60 percent of Ukraine’s military hardware and aid. The conflict has escalated to the point where Russia has strengthened its military and economic alliance with China. For all practical purposes we are already in a proxy war against Russia, through Ukraine, and on the verge of an economic war with China. If things escalate much further there is no telling what steps Russia and/or China might take against the United States.

The threat of a major cyber or EMP attack is growing by the day, and a surprise nuclear attack cannot be ruled out. The recent Chinese surveillance balloon that hovered over several US military installations before finally being shot down, was thought by some analysts to be doing a dry run in preparation for a high altitude EMP detonation. One thing is almost certain; if the war in Ukraine intensifies and US involvement continues to ramp up, it is just a matter of time before Russia or China take more aggressive action.

US Navy recovers spy balloon

In the event of a coordinated cyber-attack, the damage could be crippling. There are approximately 55,000 electricity generating substations in the US. If only 9 of them were destroyed simultaneously, it would take down our entire power grid. We are extremely vulnerable in this area. It almost seems as if our power grid was built to fail. President Trump, recognizing this weakness, had put in motion efforts to strengthen our grid against cyber and EMP attacks. Predictably, Biden halted these efforts shortly after taking office.

In an all-out war with our adversaries, China and Russia are now in a position where they could severely damage, and possibly defeat, the United States. Together, they have a strategic military advantage in every area except for nuclear submarines, where the US still holds a slight upper hand. Our political, moral, and military weakness – coupled with boastful claims about “our greatness” – are tempting our adversaries to respond.

Beyond the military threat, China has been imposing itself on other fronts as well. Along with its growing social media influence and control over much of our supply chain, China has purchased close to 400,000 acres of US farmland in recent years (much of it adjacent or in close proximity to our strategic military bases). They also now own many of our food processing plants, especially those that are processing meats. And let’s not forget the billions of dollars of harmful drugs like fentanyl pouring into the US from China through Mexico’s drug cartels, which are in cahoots. Xi Jinping is in a position to leverage China’s influence over the US from multiple angles. To evaluate the Biden administration’s resolve, he is currently “testing the waters” with Taiwan, a longtime US friend and ally. So, not unlike World War II that was fought in Europe as well as the Pacific, tensions are once again being brought to a head in both regions.

Tensions also remain high in the Middle East where Iran is on the brink of becoming a serious nuclear threat. Iran, along with supplying military hardware to Syria (Russia’s surrogate), has tightened its direct relationships with both Russia and China. So if Israel were to launch a pre-emptive strike to knock out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, Russia and/or China could be drawn in. At this point, it would not take much to trigger a global conflict as all of these regional scenarios are intertwined. In addition, high level globalists may want such a crisis in order to push their one-world agenda over the top.

Growing Hatred for Christians and Jews

Not the least of our problems is the growing threat against politically conservative Christians and Jews coming from within the United States. In a country where Marxism has taken hold and where a majority of citizens are more in line with a socialist rather than a Judeo-Christian worldview, increased harassment and persecution can be expected. Attacks on churches and synagogues, as well as on individual Christians and Jews, are at an all-time high. Anti-God philosophies have been poured into our children’s minds by schools, universities, and the media for several decades, almost unchecked. We are experiencing the results. The Far Left literally hates us!

Imagine what might happen if a scenario similar to the following were to unfold: 

Iran has developed enough fissile material to build a nuclear bomb, and Israeli Intelligence learns that construction of the bomb is nearing completion. Knowing that Iran intends to use the bomb against Israel, the Jewish state launches a pre-emptive attack on Iran to annihilate its nuclear capabilities. Iran, Syria and Lebanon immediately counterattack with the support of Russia and China with whom they’ve formed alliances. Soon the West becomes involved to counter the Russian/Chinese impact on the conflict. The Ukraine war, the China/Taiwan crisis, and the Mideast conflict – all of which are interconnected – result in World War III. Global markets, which are already fragile, begin to collapse. The world enters a time of unprecedented turmoil and despair. Who is to blame for all of this upheaval? A scapegoat is needed. Radical political activists launch protests at Jewish embassies throughout the world, chanting “Without Israel none of this would have happened! Death to Jews and those who support them! (Evangelical Christians)

Unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself. Like in Nazi Germany, the seeds of socialism have been sown and the unwarranted hysteria against conservative Jews and Christians has already been inflamed, especially in the United States. The US this time is the biggest target. There cannot be a true world government without the US on board. Therefore, any opposition to the globalist’s agenda must be eliminated.

Historically, the persecution of Jews has been a signal to Christians that they are next. Along with the anti-Semitism which is gaining momentum here in the US, there is a growing concern for Jews in Russia and Ukraine as well. Last fall while in Budapest, I learned that about 50,000 Russian and Ukrainian Jews have left those countries in recent months to make Aliyah to Israel. One reason for this exodus, particularly from Ukraine, is that Ukraine’s top Rabbis have urged ALL Jews to be out of Ukraine within two years. They issued this declaration last spring (2022). So clearly, they are expecting a long-term war, with conditions for Jews becoming much worse.

That being said, approximately 40 percent of all the world’s Jews currently still live in the US (approximately 6 million of the 15 million globally). So, where might the potential for the greatest amount of persecution exist? The handwriting is on the wall. Godless forces have become emboldened as they now control major power centers in the US. As a result, it is increasingly fashionable to hate conservative Jews and Christians. We must prepare for the worst, while hoping and praying for the best.

Repentance and Revival

Amidst rampant crime and lawlessness, growing racial tensions, the acceptance of transgenderism and perverted sexuality, and all of the troubling developments mentioned above, there are some positive signs of a desperate people turning to God for help and salvation. A growing remnant is recognizing their need for repentance, and on their knees – in humility and surrender – are crying out to God to send a genuine spiritual revival to America. Is it too little too late? Or, will the Lord in His mercy intervene on behalf of His remnant people in ways that we cannot currently fathom? To everyone reading this, I say, “Pray fervently, and keep praying – and put your words into action.”

Revivals of the past have begun with repentance and prayer. In February we witnessed a spiritual event at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky – a continuous time of prayer and worship that lasted for more than two weeks, that some believe is the beginning of a larger revival they hope will sweep across our nation and world. Sarah Thomas Baldwin, who was present at Asbury during this time, reflects on what took place. Here are a few excerpts:

Day 18: We are returning to ordinary life–which is just as full of God as the last 17 days–just a bit more quiet…As theologians and well, everyone, everywhere–name and debate what it was and wasn’t, what I do know for sure is that people are longing for God…

–I want to remember the family who drove 30 hours each way from Mexico for someone to pray over their baby for healing.

–My heart is broken with the 18 men who piled into a 15 person-passenger van for 9 hours, to pray at an altar for even 30 minutes…

–Who can forget the Brazilians! They showed up! Their passionate prayers for their country!…

–The story of a police officer who was so moved that he got in a family (with two younger kids) – who had been fasting – through the lines and waits out of his sheer compassion…

–Remembering the pastor couple from Chile who sold their car to be here. And strangers passing on money–“can you give it to the lady who sold the car?” YES!

–I want to remember people giving what they had–we had no donation box set up–so they handed it to us–“thank you, thank you” people said, “This is what I have to give” whether it was a nickel or a hundred dollars.

–So many high schoolers praying for relief from the bondage of pornography. Parents, step in! Take away phones, keep them out of bedrooms. Your children are DESPERATE.

–A joyful group from a church in San Diego–so full of JOY of being here, thank you for your encouragement!…

–I want to remember the whatsapp thread, 101 notifications at a time–“water needed in Estes?”, “Is there a prayer volunteer for out in the line?”, “Portapotties overflowing!”, “10 people gave their hearts to Jesus here”… “It’s 30 degrees out here. Heaters are on the way.”, “The Sal Army showed up. Thank you, Jesus!”…

As one of our retired professors said, “We were surprised, but not unprepared.” We are a small community who loves Jesus deeply. We weren’t ready, but yet we were. God is like that.6

By the end of day 17, the nonstop prayer and worship service had brought as many as 70,000 visitors to Asbury, representing more than 200 academic institutions and multiple countries.7

Students kneeling in repentance at Asbury

While there will always be those who try to hijack or distort a genuine move of God, what the special time at Asbury demonstrated is that a growing number of people are comprehending the moral decay, godlessness and hopelessness of this world and are longing for a closer, more intimate relationship with the Lord as they pray for His divine intervention. The Bible makes clear that a majority of the world’s inhabitants will deny Christ in the last days. But there will be a discerning remnant who remain faithful to Jesus to the very end, not succumbing to the deceptions and enticements of an increasingly corrupt and dark world.

Where will the US land on the spectrum of obedience/holiness versus rebellion/wickedness? Will we repent and turn to God for mercy and restoration, or will we continue to reject Him as a nation? Only time will tell. Regardless, the Lord’s remnant people must patiently stand firm in the gap as a testimony for Him, no matter what difficulties come our way. Let’s stay the course, trusting in Jesus to the end – for He is worthy.

A long-time friend of ours, in a recent letter to her friends and relatives, shared the following words of truth and encouragement:

No matter what the year brings, we want to remind you that the things that are seen are temporary, but what is unseen is Eternal. (2 Corinthians 4:18) You were created for relationship with your Creator, and nothing else will satisfy the longings of the human heart. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one can come to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6) In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, He has overcome the world! (John 16:33) And He is coming back soon! (Revelation 22:12)

Praise God for the everlasting hope we have in Jesus Christ! ■

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.

—Hebrews 10:23


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