War Drums Beating Over Jerusalem

In early March, US President Barack Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for extensive talks at the White House. Although their time together was a bit more cordial than during Netanyahu’s previous visit three years ago when Obama rudely abandoned him at the White House, PM Netanyahu once again held his ground on most matters concerning the future of Israel and particularly Jerusalem. The “unfavorable” results of the meetings brought an immediate response from Israel’s enemies. The talks had barely ended when rockets began raining down on the Jewish nation.


In less than 48 hours over the weekend of March 9-11, Israel’s southern communities were hit with more than 200 rockets fired from Gaza. This attack received virtually no coverage from the Western media. When Israel responded on March 12 with targeted air strikes, they managed to kill 15 terrorists, some as they were preparing further rocket launches.1 In the process, however, several civilians were also killed as the terrorists were firing from population centers, using civilians as human shields. True to form, the media was quick to report Israel’s “attack of Gaza” and the deadly consequences, helping to fuel a Mideast uproar among Islamists. Islamic leaders and government officials from Turkey to Iran strongly condemned Israel for its air strikes, but conveniently forgot to condemn the Gaza terrorists who started the conflict by continuously hitting Israel with rockets and mortars.


Faced with mounting international pressure, PM Netanyahu fired back, stating,

This is about Iran … If it were not for Iran, these extremists would not have their weapons, training or logistical support. Islamic Jihad, which has fired off the majority of the scores of rockets that have hit the South in recent days, is fully supported and armed by Tehran.2

His remarks came while hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens, including school children, were hiding in bomb shelters throughout southern Israel as the Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists continued bombarding the area.3


While the UN, the EU, and the Islamic states are doing everything possible to “armtwist” Israel into submission over the future of Jerusalem, the Obama administration is applying perhaps the most pressure of all; but it is doing so quietly and largely behind the scenes. Obama doesn’t want to ruffle too many American Jews until after the election; he needs their vote come November.


The fact of the matter is President Obama has discreetly been moving US troops into Israel since January. His purpose, I believe, is to control the aftermath of any conflict that might occur between Israel and Iran (or Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc.). It is not so much about defending Israel, but rather about setting the stage for what follows. Obama wants to be in a position to call the shots – either by being able to avert war at the eleventh hour and thereby take the credit, or by assuming the upperhand after a conflict.


Our sources indicate that up to 9,000 US troops are already in Israel, and a significant number are positioned in Jordan as well. Most of the US servicemen in Israel are technicians, communications specialists, and intelligence officers joined by a significant number of airmen, seamen, and marines. They are officially categorized as participants in “Austere Challenge 12,” which is being viewed more as a deployment than an exercise (although it’s being billed as a war game). Part of their alleged purpose is to practice intercepting missiles and rockets that might soon be coming into Israel from its surrounding hostile neighbors.


Israel is currently bolstering its defenses on two fronts. It is preparing to fend off a potential attack in the north by Hezbollah or Syria, and in the south by Hamas in Gaza, or possibly Egypt. Only a year ago, with Hosni Mubarak in power, a war with “friendly” Egypt was not in the picture. But now, with the Muslim Brotherhood in firm control of that country, it is a growing possibility. In response, Israel is creating new battalions in the south, preparing for war while keeping a watchful eye on Egypt and Gaza.


On Israel’s northern front, Hezbollah has accumulated vast amounts of weapons and is storing missiles in homes of civilians in southern Lebanon. Israel is concerned that Syria’s WMD stockpiles, which include chemical weapons, could end up in Hezbollah’s hands if Syrian President Bashar Assad is overthrown. Another risk is that Assad himself might launch these weapons at Israel to solidify his power which is being threatened by the Arab Spring movement. To make matters worse, Russia has beefed up its presence in Syria and is the real behind-the-scenes force in that country. It all but operates the Syrian naval base on the Mediterranean. Remember too that Syria is closely allied with Iran; therefore an Iranian strike against Israel could come via Syria (with the blessing of Russia).


Isaiah 17:1 records an ominous prediction made by Israel’s prophet regarding the future of Damascus, today’s capitol of Syria. He declared, “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.” Perhaps to the surprise of many, this prophecy has not yet been fulfilled. In fact, Damascus is the oldest major city in the world that has never experienced mass destruction. It is not too difficult to imagine a scenario, given the current tensions in the region, where this age-old prophecy could quickly come to pass.


Although I love and pray for the nation Israel, I am also burdened for the people of Damascus – first for the multitudes who don’t know the Lord and would suddenly be facing an eternity in hell forever separated from God; and secondly, for the 2.5 million Christians in Syria, many of whom live in or around Damascus. They are already experiencing horrible persecution at the hands of the Arab Spring radicals on the one side and threats from Assad’s henchmen on the other. The thought of any more suffering and misery – which would certainly come upon them with the destruction of Damascus – should make our hearts ache for these precious saints. We need to fervently intercede on their behalf, praying that the Lord would supernaturally move them out of harm’s way before such devastation occurs.

The Global March to Jerusalem

Along with the increased military tension, Israel is facing heightened political pressure stemming from an international propaganda war. Just one example: A group of 250 anti-Israel political and religious celebrities from 15 Asian and a few western countries are participating in the “Global March to Jerusalem” (GMJ) which set off towards Jerusalem from New Delhi, India on March 9th. This interfaith caravan of protestors consisting mostly of Islamic figures also includes some members of other religions, a few of whom profess to be Christian. Some of the better-known activists either supporting or directly participating in this march against Israel are:

● Lalita Ramdas, Chair, Greenpeace International

● Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Pastor Emeritus, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago

● Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa

● Dr. Cornel West, Professor of African American Studies, Princeton University

● Dr. Francis Boyle, Professor of International Law, University of Illinois

● Professor Judith Butler, writer and philosopher, University of California, Berkley

● Dr. Leo Gabriel, Austrian journalist and filmmaker, member of the World Social Forum International Council

● Neta Golan, Co-Founder, International Solidarity Movement

● Fr. Louis Vitale, Order of Franciscan Monks, Pace e Bene


These individuals are joining fellow collaborators from Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Indonesia and other hard-core Islamic states to oppose the government of Israel. It is no coincidence that each of them are globalists as well. The following are a few excerpts from GMJ’s official statement and pledge, which was posted on the Internet on March 6th:

We, the Advisory Board of the Global March to Jerusalem, are alarmed and deeply troubled by the continuing repression of Palestinians in Jerusalem…

This policy is inconsistent with all relevant United Nations resolutions on Jerusalem and contrary to the most basic principles of international law…

Jerusalem is our common universal heritage. It is the centre of spirituality and ideological significance for all of the monotheistic religions, and a beacon of emancipation and hope for the downtrodden. This historic city is venerated across the world for enhancing the spiritual heritage of all humanity; it has been a symbol of unity and equality, with a message of love, mercy and compassion.

However the entire world is now witnessing a threat to the sovereignty, sanctity and inviolability of Jerusalem. The plan is not only to destroy the Muslim and Christian presence, but also to change and dismantle the social structure of Jerusalem, obliterating its indigenous Arab identity and changing the character of the city.

The people of the world have therefore taken it upon themselves to prevent this abomination, by mobilizing themselves in every part of the world and representing all religious, humanitarian, and cultural backgrounds in a global march to Jerusalem (GMJ) aimed at guarding the City of Peace from becoming a wasteland of intolerance…

We therefore support this effort, and encourage all of humanity to support it, by making the pledge set forth below, that all participants in the Global March to Jerusalem have agreed to accept.

  1. We assert the importance of Jerusalem politically, culturally and religiously to the Palestinian people and humanity as a whole. We call for the protection of the Holy Places and all archeological sites and consider all the efforts done to change its Arabic & cultural identity as a crime against humanity. We call on all international institutions to do their duties towards the city.
  1. The defense of Jerusalem and its liberation are a duty of all free people around the world and we call on all institutions, organizations, and individuals to participate in this duty.
  1. We condemn the Zionist campaign of ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine…
  1. We support the right of the Palestinian People to self-determination, to liberate their lands and to live on them in freedom and dignity like all other people on earth.
  1. We support the non-negotiable & inalienable rights of the Palestinian People, including their families, to return to their homes and lands from which they were uprooted.
  1. We reject all racist laws that distinguish between people based on ethnicity or religion and call for their cancellation and criminalization…

(Source: World VIPs unite for GMJ, http://gm2j.com/main/blog/2012/03/06/world-leaders-unite-for-global-march-to-jerusalem/)

A Burdensome Stone

The real goal of interfaith globalists is to “internationalize” Jerusalem. That is, to move the city out from under the sovereign control of Israel and make it a separate municipal entity under the control of an international political authority – supported by the presence of multinational troops who would enforce this arrangement. A second goal of these strategists is to make Jerusalem the interfaith religious center of the world. This effort is well advanced and in the latter stages of fruition.


Whether these collaborators realize it or not, their actions are helping to set the stage for the Antichrist to rule the world from Jerusalem. Their endeavors will ultimately put Satan on the throne and cast humanity into its darkest hour (Revelation 13 and 14). Instead of bringing about world peace, they will usher in a time of destruction unlike any previously known to man (Matthew 24:15-22 and I Thessalonians 5:3).


Concerning Jerusalem at the time of the end, leading up to Jesus Christ’s return, Zechariah declared this word of the Lord.

Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.


And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.   ― Zechariah 12:2-3

It is just as the prophet warned. Jerusalem is a trap that will entangle and destroy all who conspire or come against it. This includes the Antichrist and his allied forces, after they briefly rule over the city (Revelation 14:17-20, 16:16, and 19:19-21). Through war and perceived peace, the city will continue to be the center of world attention and controversy until Yeshua the Messiah returns. At that time He will defeat His enemies, including those who are gathered against His city. He will reign in victory over the nations of earth and finally bring true peace to Jerusalem and the world (Revelation 20).

Are you on His side?


THIS JUST IN: We have received word that as many as two million protesters are now expected to join in the Global March to Jerusalem and that the situation could turn violent. According to The Times of Israel, Ribhi Haloum, the event organizer boasted that volunteers from 80 countries are already participating in the march. The Times also reported that according to a Jordanian news source, activists have landed in Syria aboard Iranian airplanes. We’ve learned through other sources that the number of pro-Palestinian activists who have arrived in Damascus from Iran are “in the thousands,” and that they received special instructions from Iran’s Al Qods Brigades officers on how to breach Israeli border barriers in order to challenge Israel’s military forces. Upon landing in Damascus, some activists were bused to Lebanon where they are being directed by Hezbollah commanders. Another group was making its way to the Syrian-Israeli border.


Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority is planning major disruptions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, intended to coincide with the “main event” on March 30th. By the time most of you read this, a major upheaval could be underway as no one knows how long these protests will last or how widespread the violence will become. The Times in its report noted:

Israel has warned a number of Arab states against the march, preparing the IDF for possible confrontation with protesters attempting to cross the border. Israel claims the march is organized by hostile elements and last week sent messages directly or indirectly to Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the Hamas government in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, calling on them not to allow escalation in the area by allowing marches to the borders. (www.timesofisrael.com )

This could be the beginning of an escalating conflict.

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