Using Current Events to Share God’s Truth

By Gary H. Kah

Never before have so many signs of the times manifested simultaneously. Watching the evening news is like witnessing the prophecies of Scripture unfold before our eyes. An emerging caliphate in the Middle East threatening to annihilate Israel; a newly energized Russia – thought to be dead – back on the move militarily; the global economy teetering on the brink because of insurmountable debt; the Pope making interfaith alliances with other religions while traveling to Jerusalem on a “mission of peace.” These and other headlines are setting the stage for a world government that will be presented as the “only” practical solution in order for mankind to survive.


The web of deception being engineered by Satan’s forces is vast and well thought out. He is a formidable and determined adversary but will meet his destiny when Jesus Christ returns to defeat him and reign as our victorious king. Unfortunately, between now and then our lives will not become easier, but rather, more difficult. The Bible has warned of these times, and they are now upon us.


World leaders call for peace as Islamic Caliphate rises.  

As Christians who are cognizant of this reality, there is much we can do while time remains. Although we understand, based on the prophecies of Revelation 13 & 14, that a world system of government will take shape as we approach the end of the age, we can take advantage of the unfolding world events – using them in a creative way to “turn the tables” and point the way to Jesus.


Current international headlines, especially those relating to the subject of global governance, can effectively be used as talking points in our conversations with others. We have the opportunity and the responsibility as Christians to warn others of things to come, while using this information to lead people to repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as savior – their only source for purpose and strength in this life and their only hope for eternity to come.


In order to assist our readers to communicate confidently on the topic of global government while utilizing their conversations to lead into a presentation of the gospel, I have prepared the outline of talking points at the end of this article called: The Danger in Losing Our US Freedoms and Sovereignty to a Global System of Government (Five Reasons to be Concerned About a New World Order). These are arguments I have used on frequent occasions during talk shows and in personal conversations to stimulate thought and further discussion on the subject. While there are many ways to engage people in conversations that might open the door to the gospel, the subject of global events/world government is currently hot because of on-going developments, and is therefore a natural “made to order” topic for discussing spiritual matters.


Take a few moments to study the outline, paying special attention to the order and flow of these five points. Each one builds on the previous point and sets the stage for the next – ultimately leading into a spiritual discourse. The main goal, which is to call people to repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, is highlighted in the final paragraph for the benefit of Christians who will be using this outline. We have intentionally printed the outline on a single page of this newsletter so that our readers can easily replicate and distribute it among friends. Even with no additional explanation, the page, in its entirety, can stand alone if it is reviewed by a non-Christian. It is designed to make people think.


In presenting these concepts, it is imperative to keep in mind that we will not prevent a world government from forming; nor will we be able to stop the Antichrist from coming to power. At best, these events might be delayed if enough people repent of their sins and take a stand, and if the Lord in his grace responds by intervening. The ultimate purpose of these “Five Reasons” is to get people to think about the spiritual realities reflected in today’s current events, thereby drawing them closer to Christ and a biblical worldview. The five reasons are an effective way to present truth, provoke people to take a stand, and provide a platform for sharing the good news of Christ with non-believers.

Some Tips

The best opportunities to share most often occur when one has a captive audience for a significant period of time. Personally, I have found the best times to engage people in meaningful conversations are when I am sitting next to someone on an airplane or am getting my hair cut at the barber shop. Almost without exception, God provides me the opportunity to share in these scenarios. Perhaps you don’t regularly fly on planes, and maybe you cut your own hair (or don’t have any to cut). Regardless, God will present you with a variety of open doors if you ask him to and if you expectantly await them.


For me, the conversation usually begins with some friendly small talk and after a while leads to the individual asking me what I do. I typically respond by telling them that I am a former government trade specialist turned author and speaker. At that point, almost invariably, the individual asks me what I write about. I say, “international economic, political and religious trends.” Now the stage is set. Most often people will ask me further questions such as, “Where do you think the world is headed?”; “What concerns you most about the direction of global events?”; or “What, if anything, can be done to change the outcome?”


Your goal should be to get people to the point where they are the ones asking the questions. If they are genuinely interested in hearing your response, the battle is half won. Don’t force information on them. Instead, let the information you share flow naturally in the course of your conversation. Allow for pauses in order for the individual to reflect and to process what you are sharing. If the dialogue stalls, ask the Lord to show you how to start it back up. You might proceed by asking an appropriate question.


When presenting important information through personal conversations, it is important to remain patient. Don’t be overbearing. Forcing your opinions or information on others, no matter how correct or truthful they might be, will shut them down quicker than anything else. Again, let them be involved in the dialogue in a way that they feel comfortable asking honest questions. Most importantly, allow the Holy Spirit to do his work.


I have heard that, on average, people are exposed to the gospel ten times before making a decision to accept Christ as Savior (and, of course, some with hardened hearts never do). We might be the first person, the seventh person, or the tenth one who is fortunate enough to experience the joy of seeing an individual surrender to Jesus. Throughout our Christian lives, we must recognize the fact that no matter which number we are, each time of sharing the truth is equally important. We must always prayerfully await opportunities and be prepared to share when the time comes.

Additional Suggestions

If you haven’t written a book or had first-hand experiences on these matters, you might be wondering, “How can I initiate conversation that will lead to a discussion of these issues?” The fact is, everyone has the ability to engage others in meaningful discourse. Ask the Lord to help you. Be a willing vessel, and be creative. Think outside the box!


Here are a few suggestions. You might begin by mentioning a current news headline about a major economic, political, military or religious development; a recent announcement or action by the United Nations, our federal government, or European/Mideast leaders can be a good place to start. Or, perhaps you’ve recently read a thought-provoking book or article on a subject relating to globalization. Maybe you’ve had an interesting experience or encounter at your job or through a personal relationship. Has a friend of yours had a recent experience worth sharing?


Sometimes discussions beginning with world events or personal experiences can lead to an exchange on Bible prophecy. I have found that many non-Christians are wondering what the world is coming to and have an interest in knowing the future – even in what the Bible predicts. This can be a great opening to share about deeper spiritual matters.


Some people who are already well informed but may not yet have a relationship with Christ may be involved in “prepping.” They may be discerning enough to see “the handwriting on the wall” and are responding by preparing for difficult times. Such individuals are on the right track but need to understand the fact that although physical preparation is of some value, spiritual preparation and comprehension is the final step. Ask them where they think the world is headed. Then respond accordingly as the Lord leads.


If you run out of time or ideas, recommend they go to our website ( to read a particular article or listen to a specific program. Also, I always try to keep a copy of my book with me to give away to interested people. You might consider doing the same. God has used it to open many hearts and minds.


The bottom line is, be willing and be prepared. God wants to use you!

“In your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”  —  I Peter 3:15

(Gary’s DVD presentation titled Using Current Events to Share God’s Truth is available through his website and orderline at 317.290.4673.)


The Danger in Losing Our US Freedoms and

Sovereignty to a Global System of Government

(Five Reasons to be Concerned About a New World Order)

  1. In order to merge the US into a one-world political, economic and religious system, our current delicate system of checks and balances that our founding fathers so carefully established would be eliminated.
  1. Our US Constitution which has served us so well – giving us more freedom and opportunity to pursue happiness, prosperity, and religion than any nation in history – would have to be abolished or significantly altered in order to clear the way for world government. Therefore it could no longer offer protection to US citizens.
  1. We would have a weaker voice in government; less power to govern ourselves. The world government power base would either be in New York City or, more than likely, Europe. If you are upset now about US elected officials in Washington not listening to the American people, imagine how much worse it will be if a group of international bureaucrats are running our lives – possibly from another part of the world. They will have their own agenda and be far less apt to obey the wishes of the American people or protect our individual rights and freedoms. If anything, they will see us as a thorn in their side and be inclined to deal harshly with resistors (primarily conservative Christians and Jews).
  1. An international tax would be imposed to fund this world government system. If an entirely new overarching layer of government is added to our current city, county, state and federal governments, it will have to be paid for somehow. Int’l planners have already discussed various types of taxes, such as collecting percentage fees based on the value of int’l currency transactions, the cost of airline travel, the consumption of water (even if you have your own well), along with an int’l income tax that would likely begin as a one to three percent tax and quickly increase from there as the int’l bureaucracy expands.  In addition, some world government advocates are proposing that all individuals be forced to have a micro-chip embedded in their bodies which will enable the global administration to track everyone at all times. This chip would also be necessary in order to complete any financial transactions – all buying and selling.
  1. Those persons who have been at the forefront of pushing for an int’l form of government during the last 70 years have consistently been anti-Christian and anti-Jewish in their political and religious worldview. If we’ve learned from history, it is reasonable to assume that those trying to impose a new form of government will be the ones calling the shots once the system is in place. An awareness of their religious background, political and organizational affiliations (both public and secret), and personal beliefs and motivations gives us a good idea of what they will do once in power – ie. Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.”

Sooner or later an imposing form of world government will become a reality, as the tide of history is pushing in that direction and the prophecies of the Bible have foretold it. However, are you willing to take a stand for the sake of your children, so that they and we, might enjoy the freedoms God has entrusted to us for a while longer? If those who have been warned and know better do not take a stand now, God will allow history to run its course and evil to prevail (because it is what we deserve) until Jesus returns. Therefore, repent of your sins, turn to Jesus Christ, and take a stand!

Read Matthew 24, Revelation 13 & 14, and 2 Thessalonians 2. Also visit and read Gary Kah’s book En Route to Global Occupation (available in hard copy or Kindle). For additional Bible study resources visit,  and

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