Russia vs. Ukraine (Bulletin #1)

From the Desk of Gary Kah

Friday, February 18, 2022

As of today, it appears likely that Russia will invade Ukraine. In my opinion, the West is provoking Putin into taking action. Our intelligence agencies know which buttons to push in order to get Putin to react. They have been pushing all of them. Talk of making Ukraine a NATO member/ally may be the final straw.

Imagine Russia announcing that Canada is joining a Russian alliance against the United States. How would the US respond? Yet, the US and some of its NATO allies have placed Russia in a similar position, knowing full well that the Russian Doctrine ever since Hitler’s NAZI invasion (which killed millions of Russian people) has been to keep a line of defense – a buffer of friendly countries – around its perimeter so that Russia can never again be overtaken. By pulling Ukraine toward NATO, the Biden Administration, I believe, is intentionally drawing Russia into a conflict. We must pray that Putin doesn’t take the bait and that he will back down. But the consensus is: Putin will never allow Ukraine to become a military ally of the West and NATO!

So why are the US and NATO provoking this war at this time? ANSWER: The globalists have lost momentum, as people are now quickly waking up to their fraudulent Covid plandemic and their broader Global Reset agenda. In short, globalists need another crisis, a crisis they can use to precipitate their next false narrative; a crisis they desperately need in order to force us into their planned one-world government/financial system.

If Russia moves against Ukraine, the West will impose strict sanctions against Russia. This could lead to a cyber-attack against US institutions and vital resources (either by Russia and possibly China, or by our own intelligence agencies – run by globalists – who could conveniently blame such an attack on Russia). Such an “attack” would almost certainly trigger a financial collapse and lead to Martial Law here in the US. At that point, all bets are off. Anything could happen. Politically conservative Christians, Jews, and other patriots would be targeted, and a form of Marxist socialism would be imposed. Think it can’t happen here? Look at Canada.

Now is the time for all freedom-loving Americans to take a stand and make as much “noise” as possible. Most importantly, we need to also spend time on our knees repentantly crying out to our holy, merciful God to intervene on our behalf.

Globalists understand that their evil agenda has been exposed and that many of them could go to jail for their fraudulent and treasonous acts (assuming there are a few non-corrupt judges and DA’s left who will prosecute). To prevent this from happening, I believe they will “pull out all the stops” to push their agenda through and remain in power. Only divine intervention can stop these wicked forces. While I continue to hope for the best, I am preparing for the worst.

If you’ve been putting off doing certain things that the Lord has put on your heart to do, follow through on them now. Don’t put them off any longer. Whether they are spiritual, financial or related to acquiring basic necessities, take care of important matters ASAP.

Unless God intervenes, things could unravel quickly in the days ahead. As we are His people, let’s be ready for whatever we must face. Remember, we are not our own; we belong to Christ. As such, let us be bold in our witness for Him, knowing that He is with us – even unto the end of the age (Matthew 28:20).

Please pass this bulletin on to family/friends and others in your sphere of influence who need to be alerted. We appreciate your help on this. Thank you!

May the Lord lead and guide you as you walk in His presence and seek to do His will in these trying times.

Your Servant in Christ,

Gary Kah

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.” – Nahum 1:7