On the Brink of World War III?

By Gary H. Kah

March 16, 2022

By the time you read this the war between Russia and Ukraine could be over, having reached a diplomatic cease-fire resolution. That of course would be the most desirable outcome – to finally see an end to the bloodshed and a return to peaceful life in the region. However, this may be wishful thinking given the current escalation taking place. Unless Vladimir Putin receives MAJOR concessions from Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy assuring that his country will reject NATO and renew its historic relationship/alliance with Russia, the assault will continue and the death toll will multiply on both sides.

The longer this war rages, the greater the likelihood that a NATO member will encounter hostile exchanges with Russia, thus activating Article 5 of the NATO agreement and drawing all NATO countries into the conflict. It appears that this is what the global elites cooperating with the World Economic Forum (WEF) are pushing for. Having lost their Covid pandemic momentum, they need a crisis of historic proportions to sink the ship – to completely destroy the old world order of sovereign nation states. The world’s current economic/financial system must be brought to its knees before their new global digital (cashless) system can be effectively introduced as the “only” solution. For this to occur, energy prices must continue to increase, inflation must soar, supply chains must be disrupted and food and basic commodities must become scarce. The fact is, the global elite who are committed to the pursuit of a one-world government and financial system desperately need this war. Never mind the fact that tens of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers will lose their lives, nor that innocent Ukrainian civilians will continue to die or have their lives ruined.

Ukrainian civilians ravaged by a brutal war

We must understand that the trap being laid has been many years in the making and has been saved for this moment in time. In my opinion, the final push – as far as it concerns Vladimir Putin – began during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Putin had poured billions of Rubles into creating a spectacular winter wonderland which he wanted to showcase to the world. But Western intelligence operatives had something else in mind. During the middle of these winter games, they triggered a political anti-Putin uprising, overthrowing Ukraine’s pro-Russia regime which had been headed by Viktor Yanukovych. Not only did this coup – known as the Revolution of Dignity – deflect international attention away from the Games, it publicly (I believe intentionally) embarrassed and humiliated Putin on the world stage.

As we watched the events unfold in Kiev, I remember telling my wife, “They’ve poked the Bear one time too many!” I believe the timing of that revolution was intended to arouse and spur Putin into action. And so it did! He wasted no time – invading Crimea almost immediately, and Ukraine’s Donbass region (composed of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces) soon thereafter. He has had his sights on retaking all of Ukraine ever since.

Once Biden took office and Putin witnessed his administration’s feeble response in Afghanistan and his nonsensical progressive rhetoric and lack of moral will, Putin smelled an opportunity and took advantage of it. None of this had to be. The war could have been avoided. But, that wasn’t the plan!

Wickedness in High Places

The first great World War was instigated and fanned into an international crisis in 1914. It resulted in the forming of the League of Nations in 1920 and represented the first openly public step toward a global political arrangement. It failed miserably in large part because the United States Congress – against the determined efforts of President Woodrow Wilson – did not permit our country to join. Two decades later the same globalist forces that unleashed WWI, helped to ignite WWII. Hitler’s war machine was made possible by funding from the West and was assisted by the Rockefeller oil empire that licensed energy technology to Germany, making it possible to convert coal into gasoline. Prescott Bush, a friend of those oil interests and the grandfather of George W., was an investment banker who was investigated for approving covert loans to the Nazi regime. US monetary forces aided and abetted Hitler in numerous ways – an untold story of American history. These globalist powers would benefit from the war by reaping huge profits while simultaneously furthering their one-world agenda. WWII resulted in the creation of the United Nations, a much more significant step toward global government than its predecessor, the League of Nations, which it replaced.

Given this obvious trend of major conflicts leading to globalization in the name of world peace and unity, could a third world war finally push the globalist agenda over the top? Powerful men, led along by demonic spirits, have been setting the stage for many decades, catering wittingly or unwittingly to Satan’s final deception of humanity. In a letter to the Italian revolutionary leader Giuseppe Mazzini dated August 15, 1871, Albert Pike, the leader of the Illuminati’s activities in the United States and the head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the time, described a distant final war which he felt would be necessary to usher in the New World Order. According to Pike, this conflict between two future superpowers would be sparked by first igniting another crisis. He wrote:

We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which, in all its horror, will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of savagery and of most bloody turmoil. Then, everywhere, the people, forced to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization; and the multitudes, disillusioned with Christianity whose deistic spirits will be from that moment on without direction and leadership, anxious for an ideal but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into public view; a manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

(This quote by Albert Pike appears on pages 144-145 of my book En Route to Global Occupation, released in 1992; available at www.garykah.org. Until a generation ago the letter containing Pike’s quote was on display in the British Museum in London, where it may still be catalogued.)

Could it be that the expanding crisis in Ukraine will lead to the “great social cataclysm” of which Pike wrote? I sincerely pray that it will not be so. My genuine hope is that Putin and Zelenskyy will reach an agreement that will somehow hold back the sinister forces pitting Russia and Ukraine against each other.

One of my concerns, however, is that both men have stepped into a trap from which they feel they cannot retreat. Interestingly, both Putin and Zelenskyy have had some ties to the World Economic Forum. In fact, Vladimir Putin has met with WEF chairman Klaus Schwab in St. Petersburg. According to a news article I was able to locate,

During the meeting, Putin noted the importance and significant benefits of the World Economic Forum in Davos as an international platform that supports people in their efforts to work openly within the framework of existing international law and establish contacts between business people and government officials.

“We have always maintained relations with your forum that you founded and we will continue to support it. And, of course, Russian representatives have always taken part and will take part in the events you hold. For our part, we are holding similar events, which, of course, aim to establish business contacts with Russia’s partners above all else. You know we are holding the St. Petersburg Economic Forum here in St. Petersburg as well as in the Far East, in Siberia, and in southern Russia”, Putin said. 

Schwab noted that the World Economic Forum and Russia have had a high level of cooperation for many years: “It has always been important for me that Russian representatives take part in our events in Davos. This has always been of particular importance to me.”1

Since 2018, a group known as the Roscongress Foundation has been hosting the Russian House, the official Russian residence at which certain global elites convene during the annual WEF meetings in Davos, Switzerland.

In 2019, the Russian House was not only a traditional meeting place for representatives of the international business community and officials, but also served as a prominent discussion platform on the Davos map with a distinct format and image. Over the five days it was open, the official Russian residence received over 1,500 guests from 70 countries. More than 150 media representatives worked at the site. Members of the official Russian delegation, key Russian and foreign entrepreneurs, experts, and opinion leaders were all involved in the work of the Russian House.2

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose courage and performance under pressure have been remarkable, has likewise been exposed – at least to some degree – to the influences of the WEF. In fact, Zelenskyy hailed the WEF’s Justin Trudeau as “one of those leaders who inspired” him “to join politics,” when he became Ukraine’s president in 2019.3 Perhaps he was unaware at the time that Trudeau is an “all in” globalist puppet of Klaus Schwab.

According to LifeSiteNews, on March 1, Ukrainian journalist Daria Kaleniuk

made an emotional demand to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, asking him to instruct NATO to enter the war in Ukraine. After the event was praised in Western media, reports surfaced showing that Kaleniuk is not just a journalist, but a member of the WEF and runs initiatives backed by Soros throughout Eastern Europe.

While many are skeptical of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his former ties to the KGB, scrutiny of the other side of the conflict seems absent in mainstream outlets which has worried many considering the radical nature of the WEF and their Great Reset goals.4

The ultimate goal of the WEF’s “Great Reset” is to gain complete control of the world’s economy and financial structure in order to “install a centralized, and heavily regulated totalitarian international system similar to that of China’s Social Credit System.”5 To get to that point, the WEF and its globalist allies need a major conflict that can be manipulated to drive up energy prices and crash the current system. The Russia/Ukraine war fits the bill perfectly and can be expanded, if necessary, to break the will of the world’s freedom-loving people.

According to American public affairs consultant J. Robert Smith, NATO should not become militarily entangled in Ukraine because of the potential for the fight to rapidly escalate into a much greater conflict. He warns,

“The gruesome impact of major wars is often underestimated at their outsets… Who really believes that a U.S./NATO-Russia war could be contained to Ukraine? Wars are inherently unpredictable; they have their own dynamics. Either through design or blunder, spillover to NATO nations seems a smart bet. Why wouldn’t Putin strike enemy targets beyond Ukraine’s borders? Why wouldn’t the U.S. and NATO retaliate, if not initiate?”6

Have Putin and Zelenskyy been “lured” into setting the stage for the WEF’s Reset and to possibly trigger a larger military crisis if needed? 

[Another important facet of the war revolves around the fact that Russia operated bio-weapons labs in Ukraine during the Cold War. When Ukraine aligned itself with the West these labs became especially strategic, and new ones were built by Western operatives – some of the same parties promoting/sponsoring the Covid narrative and gain of function research. Ukraine, unbeknownst to the public, had become a type of playground for those experimenting with dangerous toys. All of this factors into the equation of current tensions in Ukraine. I am confident that more specifics will be made known as whistleblowers step forward.]

Zelenskyy and Putin: No way out?

Putin and Zelenskyy are both from Slavic backgrounds. Although Zelenskyy has some Jewish blood, for all practical purposes they are distant cousins from the same people group. Herein lies the real tragedy of this bloody conflict: In some cases close relatives and even brothers from the same family are fighting one another, some serving in Russia’s military, others in Ukraine’s forces. Some of them no doubt are Christians facing off against each other.

I believe that most of the Russian people did not want this war; many are protesting against it at great personal cost. And, the Ukrainian civilians are caught in the crosshairs of this horrific nightmare, trying merely to survive and stay alive. What an incredibly sad and deplorable situation! Please pray for the affected civilians, and help where you can. (At the end of this article we provide details on how you can directly assist our friends in Ukraine.)

Satan is a master deceiver and a destroyer of all that is good. I am reminded once again of the apostle Paul’s summary of the real battle we are waging:

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

– Ephesians 6:10-12

The Takedown of America

One fallout from the war in Ukraine which has not yet been fully realized is the impact it will have on our food supply. Ukraine and Russia grow and export a sizeable portion of the world’s grains, especially wheat and corn. The potential inability of farmers in Ukraine to plant their crops this spring, and the global ban on anything Russian, will have repercussions that soon affect all of us. Of even greater significance is the fact that upwards of one-third of the resources used in the production of fertilizers worldwide are supplied by Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. As a result of this looming fertilizer shortage, unless the war ends soon, there will be fewer crops harvested globally this fall. This would without question lead to an international food crisis.

Today, I had an extended conversation with a very large farmer who is politically well connected. He told me in no uncertain terms that the powers that be at the WEF are planning to “weaponize” food in order to pressure citizens to accept their Great Reset economic restructuring. America has long been a place of plenty – plenty of everything, including energy, money and food. Globalists will attempt to strip us of all the above in order to force us into their coming system. A food shortage is likely just around the corner. Expect it, and prepare now while you can.

Over the next several months we will increasingly feel “the squeeze” of this malevolent agenda. The new world order globalists understand that if Conservatives retake control of the US Congress this fall, their efforts will be stymied. Thus, they have every incentive to make things happen now, while they are receiving no political resistance from the top. To pave the way, President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on March 9th, making it possible for a US digital currency to be formally introduced in the very near future – perhaps yet this year. The directive is titled “Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets” and can be reviewed at https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2022/03/09/executive-order-on-ensuring-responsible-development-of-digital-assets/.

Beyond these efforts, I believe the globalist powers will not hesitate to utilize damaging cyberattacks, EMP strikes, or even a large scale nuclear attack if they deem it necessary to achieve their goals. Everything is on the table. They’ve come this far and are determined to push their agenda through, no matter what it takes. I am personally convinced that – barring the divine intervention of God – nothing will stop this evil from moving forward (until Jesus returns and puts an end to it). This is not a pessimistic assessment. It is simple reality.

A Tabletop Exercise

During the administration of George H.W. Bush, I had secret clearance for three years in an organization that was part of the US emergency management structure. Today it exists under the Department of Homeland Security which was created after my time of service. During one of our meetings, a “Tabletop Exercise” was conducted that walked participants through a future scenario that might lead to members being called up to serve. On the day of this exercise I was unfortunately quite ill with a high fever and therefore stayed in my hotel room. However, another member – a colleague from Indiana – was able to participate in the exercise and gave me a play by play the next day.

The tabletop scenario unfolded in the following way:

A war broke out overseas in the European/Middle East Theater of Operation. The United States, due to its alliances became involved on the periphery of the conflict. The situation escalated, drawing the US deeper into the growing quagmire. Suddenly, when least expected, foreign enemies that had been lurking off our coasts launched a nuclear attack against some of   our largest coastal cities including New York. Martial Law was immediately declared, and we were called in to take up our specific regional assignments. (The US has been divided into ten regions for the purpose of emergency governance.)

Just last week, two reliable sources shared with me that a Russian nuclear submarine had been identified about 15 miles off the coast of Norfolk, Virginia. US fighter jets “pinged” the vessel, letting the crew know that our military was aware of their presence. After a short time, the sub rose out of the water into plain view as if to say, “We want you to know we’re here.” This particular submarine carried more than a dozen nuclear missiles, each one capable of taking out a major US city.

Between the Ukraine-Russia conflict threatening to spill over to NATO, and the nuclear submarine sighting, the unfolding real time scenario is eerily similar to the one conveyed to me some three decades ago. The nuclear threat posed by Russia, China, and their closest allies should not be underestimated. A prideful US believes we are invincible, but we are not.

Last year Vladimir Putin held an emergency nationwide drill in which his government successfully managed to move over 40 million Russian citizens into nuclear bomb shelters within 15 minutes time. Putin believes his country and military can survive a nuclear attack. If he is backed into a corner and becomes desperate enough, he could well do the unthinkable – launch his arsenal against the United States.

I am prayerfully and soberly sharing this information because the Lord, I believe, has prompted me to do so. I cannot pretend to know whether such a catastrophic event will befall the US in the months ahead. But I do believe that God wants His kids to be prepared spiritually as well as physically (to the extent possible) to endure the coming difficult times.

In developments beyond Ukraine, military provocations are occurring in China and the Middle East as well. China continues to watch the West’s response to Russia, while flying daily reconnaissance missions over Taiwan, threatening their own invasion of that island nation. Meanwhile, Iran is being empowered by Russia and China to become a more potent terrorist state. And, the Biden Administration has been recklessly catering to Iran on virtually every front via the recent nuclear negotiations in Vienna (temporarily stalled). Rocket exchanges between Israel and Iranian forces in Syria continue, with no end in sight. More Russian advisors were recently moved into that country to help direct military maneuvers, and Putin has threatened Israel to stay out of Syria. The end time alliances foretold in Ezekiel 38 and 39 appear to be taking shape.

Actions to Consider

 We are obviously heading into a time of global despair and mass confusion. The coming economic chaos resulting from the WEF’s manipulation of financial markets, supply chains, and global wars will drastically alter the way we live. A war on our own soil would only add to the complexity of the matter. Of one thing I am certain: The US will not emerge from the brewing crisis unscathed.

In light of the unfolding global economic, geopolitical and military developments, we need to prepare now in order to be a help and testimony for Christ as things deteriorate. As God’s ambassadors and voices of spiritual hope when the darkness of this world closes in, we must take the lead, not the back seat, in doing good unto others. The Holy Spirit has moved powerfully throughout history when things seemed darkest and the persecution of the saints was prevalent. We, as Christ followers, are called to be faithful to the end – no matter what comes our way. Fervent prayer and patient endurance are key to spiritual victory. If we hold fast, our reward will be great.

As James, the brother of Jesus wrote, “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him.” (James 1:12)

However, between now and the time of our reward we must remain vigilant so that we are not caught off guard by the deceptions and “surprises” of this world. As believers in Jesus, we should prepare ourselves and our families – both physically and spiritually – for the difficult times ahead. We must do so while we can.

Along with the commonsense preparations that many of you have already undertaken, here are a few additional steps for you to consider:

● If, heaven forbid, there would be a nuclear exchange, the greatest damage would occur from the radiation poisoning that follows. Taking an iodine tablet each day for two weeks following a nuclear incident will help to offset the negative effects of radiation. Given the looming uncertainties of war, it would be prudent for every family to have enough iodine on hand to cover each of your loved ones. You can purchase packets – individually wrapped and containing 14 tablets each (a single treatment for one individual) – for $10-$20 over the Internet. We purchased our supply from www.anbex.com.

● Prayerfully consider moving the bulk of your money out of large regional or national banks (which are generally dominated by globalists in step with the WEF). Place your money into smaller, locally-owned stable banks and financial institutions. This could buy you some much needed time when things crash, as locally held community banks may be slower and less restrictive in converting over to the new system.

● Keep a reasonable amount of hard cash on hand in your home for short-term purchases if banks shut down or a war-type crisis occurs.

● If you can afford to do so, purchasing a supply of gold and silver coins to have available for the purpose of bartering would be a wise move.

● Finally, if you are a person of substantial resources, owning hard assets is recommended. Making debt-free purchases of land, houses, or other useful resources would be a smart choice, as opposed to leaving your money sit in a bank. Avoid taking on any new debt at this time.

While physical preparedness is encouraged, being prepared to face the future spiritually is by far the most important thing, which is why we have emphasized this point over and over in our articles and messages. Unless we are walking very closely with the Lord in the power of His Holy Spirit, we will simply be overwhelmed and rendered useless by the events to come. Our stability is found in the Lord Jesus Christ. He must be our anchor, our rock in whom we trust and find rest.

So then, walk in daily repentance and obedience to our loving Creator. Love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength (Luke 10:27). And, abide in His presence. As Jesus so clearly pointed out, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)

Without the spirit of God living in us, we are empty vessels adrift in a confused and increasingly dangerous world. But with God dwelling in us and leading us through difficult circumstances, we will be overcomers no matter what we face. Come what may, our destiny – our spiritual future – is secure in Christ our Saviour! ■

SPECIAL NOTE: Recently, Gary had the privilege of sharing via Zoom with a congregation in Ireland. You are encouraged to watch his presentation at https://youtu.be/Ib77flfiLLo. Then, please pass it along to family and friends. God is using it in a powerful way to change lives. You may also access this presentation at our website (www.garykah.org) by scrolling down the homepage to “Recent Articles and Interviews” and clicking On the Precipice of a New World Order.


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3 “Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is tied to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and other global elites,” Jack Bingham, https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/why-would-the-ukrainian-president-cite-justin-trudeau-as-an-inspiration/ March 3, 2022.

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How to Help Our Friends in Ukraine

Audrey and I have been personally involved in assisting Christian friends on multiple fronts during the Ukraine crisis. Here are a few of the more pressing situations along with specifics on how you can help:

● Our Ukrainian missionary friend Artyom was visiting in the US with his family when the war broke out. He left his wife, Liz, and their 4 children in the US for safety, returning to Ukraine on his own to help evacuate civilians and provide relief where possible. He is located near the city of Zhytomyr which has come under increasing bombardment. Liz just wrote us the following: “We’ve also been burdened about the hatred directed toward the Russian people. Please pray for hearts filled with God’s love, and for those protecting and helping Ukraine not to turn toward hatred.” Meanwhile, Artyom remains on the front lines doing whatever he can to help those in need. Pray for his supernatural protection and “divine appointments.”

Artyom and Liz have set up a special fund specifically for war relief. Go to the following link: https://firstloveinternational.kindful.com/. Click on the box that states “Select a campaign” and scroll to the very bottom. Gifts to “Ukraine Emergency Fund – Zubko” will be set aside and used solely for relief efforts. Gifts to “Zubko, Artem & Elizabeth” will help Artyom and Liz meet their own budget, with any extra going toward relief efforts. If you prefer to write a check, include one of the two funds above on the memo line to make sure the gift will go where you intend. The address for First Love is: First Love International, PO Box 15836, Loves Park, IL 61132.

● Our missionary friend Rosalynn has been involved in caring for and ministering mainly to foster children (ages 6-17) in Zhytomyr. She has helped most of them to get out of harm’s way – to the Netherlands and Germany, via Poland. She is remaining behind to help where she can. Rosalynn just sent us this update:

“My ministry looks completely different in wartime. I am doing everything I can to coordinate with those believers still here and ministering to the community. I am coming alongside them with finances from all of your generous giving as well as trying to make sure all my kids who are still here know they are not alone. We are seeing God do miracles every day here despite the death and destruction around us. Please don’t stop praying for us. Pray that God will call many nonbelievers to Him during these dark days and that we as followers of Christ will be a light of the hope and salvation found in Him alone.”

To help Rosalynn with a financial gift, go to the following link: https://firstloveinternational.kindful.com/. Click on the box that states “Select a campaign” and scroll down to “Prough, Rosalynn”. Or, you may send a check with “Rosalynn Prough” on the memo line to: First Love International, PO Box 15836, Loves Park, IL 61132.

● Vlad, from Ukraine, is our son’s very close friend and was the best man in his wedding only a few months ago. Vlad’s father is the pastor of an evangelical church in the city of Irpin. He and his church leaders are doing their best to help their people survive the chaos. Vlad updated us minutes ago. He shared, “Many houses of our church members have been completely destroyed. Many church members have relocated and need rent/food money until they are able to find a job. So any finances that are being donated will be going to those efforts.” This ministry is directly impacting countless lives for Christ in the midst of incredible upheaval.

Vlad and his family would greatly appreciate your giving to Irpin Bible Church Ukraine Fund which supports Irpin Bible Church in Irpin, Ukraine (just outside of Kiev) and their various ministries, including humanitarian, refugee and war relief for the Ukrainian people. To financially support this effort, go to: https://mygiving.secure.force.com/GXDonateNow?id=a0U0H00000ZQGMcUAP

● PRAISE REPORT: Tanya, my Ukrainian translator during two trips to Kiev many years ago, has become like a daughter to us. She is family. She made her way to the US and is now a pastor’s wife in the state of Washington. Tanya’s sister, Natasha, who has a heart condition, was still trapped in Kiev as of last week; but thanks be to God, through a series of divine circumstances she was able to make it to Warsaw, Poland where she is now in contact with the US Embassy. Natasha had applied for a US Visa several years ago and was believed to be within days of being approved when the war broke out, putting her back to square one. Please pray that the Embassy would process and approve her paperwork promptly so that she can soon join Tanya in Washington.

● On a bit of a different front: For a number of years I’ve been privileged to serve on the board of Operation Exodus USA as well as the board of their umbrella affiliate organization Ebenezer Operation Exodus (EOE). Our EOE International team is operating in Ukraine out of the city of Lviv, helping Jewish people cross the border to neighboring countries. The staff is expanding our operational bases in Poland, Moldova, and other regions. We are working in concert with the Jewish Agency to arrange for the relocation of these Jewish civilian refugees to Israel. In addition, our teams are helping displaced Jews by providing basic needs such as food, transportation, and warm and safe housing – and simply by comforting them. They are pouring out of Ukraine by the thousands; many of them are elderly. Pray for their safe Aliyah to Israel.

To contribute to this cause financially, you can do so over the phone at 716.681.6300 or on the website at the following link – https://operationexodususa.org/ukraine-in-crisis/  These funds will be used to purchase vehicles and clothing, rent housing facilities, and fill other needs as they arise. If you have already donated funds to support this effort, thank you! The Lord will surely remember your acts of kindness towards His people.

● Finally, if you are not certain about what to do but would like to help somehow toward these overall efforts, you may send a check to our small missions organization, Hope for the World International, Inc. (Note: This is a separate organization from our main ministry Hope for the World.) We will then pass along the funds where they are most needed. However, we would much prefer that you contribute directly to the efforts above as it would expedite the process. Time is of the essence.

To donate to Hope for the World International, Inc. make your check or money order payable to:

Hope for the World International, Inc.

P O Box 899

Noblesville, IN 46061

Thank you for all your efforts, generosity, and prayers for the Ukrainian missionaries, civilians, and refugees.

— Gary

Have You Trusted Jesus as Savior?

God loves mankind – his greatest creation. His perfect will is for all to be saved and none to be lost (John 3:15-18, 5:24). However, He makes clear that only those who have accepted (believed in) His divine Son, Jesus Christ, will be spared from the punishment of hell and will spend eternity with Him (Matthew 10:28 & II Peter 2:4-10).

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you must believe that Jesus is who He says He is and that He paid the penalty for your sins with His death on a cross. Accept His free gift of eternal life which He can offer because He conquered death through His resurrection. Then, with the help of His Holy Spirit, turn from your old ways of living (repent) and follow Him. Take a moment and tell the Lord that you desire to receive Him into your life and ask His Holy Spirit to dwell inside of you and lead you into all truth.

Once you have settled this most important matter, be devoted in your relationship with the Lord. Spend time with Him by reading His Word (the Bible) and talking to Him (praying) daily. As you grow in His grace, He will direct you and open doors showing you how best to serve Him. With Jesus at the helm, your life and eternity are secure in His care. No situation or power of the enemy will be able to separate you from the love of Christ!

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?… No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

—Romans 8:35, 37-39