List of Items to Have during a Crisis Situation

Dear Friends, 

We have received numerous inquiries from our readers, as well as concerned citizens and Christians across the country, asking us what items they should secure in case of a national emergency/electric grid shutdown, which is a growing possibility over the next few years. So, we’ve prepared the following list of helpful items to keep on hand in case of a major crisis. Many of these products can be purchased via organizations like (out of Nashville, TN). 

Please understand, this is not a “complete” list. These are just some commonsense items that would come in very handy in a national emergency. The list is merely intended to help you think through what you may want to obtain. (I personally know of no one who has all of these items on hand.) Ask the Lord for discernment and He will direct your decisions.

Critical Items:

● portable water purification systems (some can handle over 5000 gallons). Also, a good supply of coffee filters. The purification systems will stretch a lot farther if you run dirty water through coffee filters first.

● empty water containers for transporting water. Water is more critical than anything!

● food with a long shelf life that isn’t too temperature sensitive. High protein content should be emphasized (beans, nuts, canned meats, etc.) But also canned fruits and vegetables. 4Patriots sells freeze-dried food with a 20 year shelf life.

● a generator or two (the kind you can use inside your house without fear of carbon monoxide poisoning). An 1800 watt generator can be purchased from 4Patriots for a couple thousand dollars. You can plug several electrical items into it simultaneously, but this isn’t a whole-house unit. The unit comes with solar panels, and you can also order a protective EMP storage bag to place the generator inside of, so that it would work even after an EMP strike.

● necessary medicines, first aid and vitamins

● iodine tablets to offset the effects of radiation stemming from a nuclear exchange or accident

● a Geiger counter to detect radioactivity

● plenty of toilet paper and towels

● solar powered shortwave radio

● satellite phones (available at

● two way radios

● a few thousand $ of cash for short term use if the financial system and ATMs go down

● some gold & silver coins for bartering when cash is gone or becomes obsolete

● an older well-maintained car built prior to 1975. It would likely still run in the event of an EMP attack – if it is completely mechanical (without computer chips).

● a few extra containers of gasoline for your car

● bicycles in case cars no longer run or gas isn’t available. (Also, a small bike trailer that can be pulled by a bike and carry supplies; these are seen all over Central America and come in very handy.)

● In the winter, or in a northern climate, a wood burning stove is priceless—for heating as well as cooking.

● saws and axes for cutting wood to burn

● fire starters (matches, lighters, etc.)                                                                                    (over →)

● propane grill with hot plate (keep extra propane on hand)                                        

● kitchenware and utensils for cooking and eating

● plenty of candles

● solar powered flashlight and light sources

● a good supply/assortment of fresh batteries

● good handyman tools that don’t require electricity (the old fashioned kind)

● tapes and fasteners

● guns and ammo for small game hunting, but also self-defense

● pepper spray

● quality sleeping bags that can protect you during winter

● a trustworthy family member or friend who has some acreage or lives on a farm outside of the city that you can get to by walking or on bike within a few hours. Planning to go to an uncle’s house 1,000 miles away won’t work in an emergency; because you probably wouldn’t be able to get there.

● a boat (if you are near a navigable body of water; this would be useful for transportation as well as fishing for food).

● of course, your personal Bible, passport, and other personal items you wouldn’t want to be without

We as Christians need to be prepared spiritually, and also physically in order to set an example and be in a position to help others during the hard times ahead. Whatever you do, please be certain to keep Christ at the center of your decisions, allowing His Spirit to guide you and shelter you in His peace. 

In Christ,

Gary Kah

“You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.” 

— Isaiah 26:3

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” 

— Philippians 4:7

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