By Gary H. Kah

As I have followed the major news stories of the last few weeks and witnessed the growing mayhem and chaos on seemingly every front, one word keeps flashing across my mind ― lawlessness. We have entered an unparalled time of lawlessness, both nationally and internationally. Much of this comes as a result of the policies and agenda put forth by one man ― Barack Hussein Obama.


Almost from the beginning of his first term as U.S. President, Obama’s actions have worked to destabilize conditions across the globe. In June of 2009, for example, he delivered an historic speech in Cairo, Egypt which was taken by many radical Arabs as a signal to begin their revolt. This movement would eventually become known as the “Arab Spring.” Today, six years after Obama’s famous address, every Middle Eastern country that has experienced an Arab Spring uprising is in far worse shape than it was before, and the most radical elements of Islam are gaining ground by the day. While the media portrayed the Arab Spring as a democratic move of the people, it was actually driven by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies which had long wanted to remove Hosni Mubarak ― a secularist and loyalist to the West ― from power; their goal being to turn Egypt into a Sharia state that along with other Muslim nations would eventually compose a revived Islamic Caliphate.


Egypt’s Tahrir Square protests launched the Arab Spring

After Mubarak was deposed, the Obama Administration did everything in its power to facilitate and defend the Brotherhood’s rise to power. Soon churches were being torched, Christians were killed, Coptic women were raped ― sometimes in front of their husbands, and moderate Muslims who opposed the new radical leadership were rounded up. Mohammed Morsi, who took control as Egypt’s president with the support of the Brotherhood, worked quickly to usher in Sharia Law. He did so with no opposition or condemnation from Barack Obama.


Those Egyptian citizens who were political moderates but had initially supported the Arab Spring naively thinking it was a genuine democratic pro-freedom movement, soon realized they’d been deceived. Rather than gaining more freedom, they lost whatever freedoms they had under Mubarak. In response to the radical Islamic dictatorship being forced upon them, they begged the Egyptian military to step in and take control. The situation had become so dire they decided they’d rather be under the command of military forces aligned with Mubarak than be governed by the Muslim Brotherhood.


What was Obama’s response? He supported the Brotherhood while threatening Egypt’s military with sanctions ― in spite of the fact that the military had the backing of the people. By then, Americans should have gotten the picture. Supporting peace-loving Arabs was not Obama’s goal. Helping the Muslim Brotherhood seize power and create chaos was his real intent. What else are we to believe? Is he really naive and inept at managing foreign policy, or is he just plain evil? More and more analysts agree it’s the latter.


Something is very wrong when an Islamic Egyptian military leader (now the president) is more willing to stand against radical Islam than is the President of the United States. When a number of Egypt’s Coptic Christians were recently slaughtered by radical Islamists while working in Libya, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi scrambled his military jets in pursuit of those who’d committed this atrocity. Would Obama have done the same?


Thanks to el-Sisi’s administration a measure of stability has returned to Egypt, at least for the time being. Mohammed Morsi, who Obama had supported, was recently sentenced to death for espionage by Egypt’s high court. Other key figures in the Muslim Brotherhood have been put on trial. However, el-Sisi still has his hands full as the Sinai region of Egypt has become a training ground for Islamic jihadists allied with Hamas. Hamas was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and is committed to Israel’s destruction, as well as el-Sisi’s overthrow.


Libya has unfortunately not fared as well as Egypt. Ever since Obama supported the coup to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, things have spiraled downward. Today, Libya is considered a terrorist state and an emerging stronghold for ISIS. One question that should be asked of the Obama Administration is, “Why did you support the Arab Spring rebels in ousting Gaddafi when he was not a threat to anyone and had largely behaved himself for more than a decade?” He had in fact become somewhat of a benevolent dictator and was using Libya’s oil revenue to assist some of the poorest Black sub-Saharan nations in developing their infrastructure. He was also trying to develop an economic trading bloc with these countries that would involve a shared currency. Gaddafi was viewed as a sort of hero in the region. So, why take him out?


No sooner had Gaddafi been ruthlessly murdered when Muslim militants began to systematically take over the country, one city at a time. They quickly became a serious threat to Benghazi where U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was spending most of his time. According to our sources, Stevens had become aware of the fact that weapons were being funneled from Libya to Hamas and other Islamic militants in the Sinai. Many of these weapons were made in the U.S. and therefore funded by U.S. taxpayers. Could Stevens have known too much? Could he have gotten in the way?


Even though he repeatedly asked for more security forces to protect America’s Benghazi compound during the months leading up to the now infamous assault, the Obama Administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, did nothing. Stevens was left as a sitting duck with only a few brave soldiers to defend him and the State Department Temporary Mission Facility/CIA Annex. Anyone with half a brain should have known that it would only be a matter of time before the compound would be attacked. During the actual assault, Stevens contacted his superiors trying desperately to get air support from the U.S. Navy located in the region. Every request was denied. Stevens and three soldiers died needlessly; and arms continue to flow through Libya to the Sinai. Any reasonable person aware of these facts would conclude that someone wanted Stevens dead. “Mistakes” in judgment at this level within our government generally are not an accident.


After the longest war in U.S. history and the loss of thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, the situation in Iraq today is out of control. The sad fact is the people of Iraq enjoyed more freedom of religion and stability under Saddam Hussein than what is currently the case throughout much of their country. Anbar province in the west of Iraq is now almost completely under ISIS control.


In spite of the fact that a number of our top generals urged Obama not to pull all our troops out of Iraq ― or at the very least, not to withdraw them so quickly ― he defiantly did just the opposite, leaving Iraqis unprepared to fend for themselves. While moving our troops out, the Obama Administration also released hundreds of trained militants from Iraqi prisons. One of those released prisoners, Mohamed el Baghdadi, is now the head of ISIS. Others have taken up key positions within that organization.


As a result of Obama’s executive decisions in which he rejected the wisdom of U.S. military leaders, thousands of Christians and moderate Muslim civilians have been tortured and massacred over the past year. The momentum in both Iraq and Syria ― which has become the headquarters for ISIS ― is now completely with ISIS. This well-equipped and highly-organized machine is taking new villages and cities every week. The hearts of American veterans who fought so hard in Iraq are sickened by the fact that strategic cities like Ramadi and Tikrit are back in enemy hands. What a waste of American lives that fought and died to secure these places. And, what an unnecessary loss of lives among precious Iraqi civilians ― both Christians and Muslims ― at the hands of ISIS. This administration has much blood on its hands!


It will be next to impossible to bring this situation back under control. Matters are even more complicated now than during the second Iraq war. When American troops left suddenly, it created a huge power vacuum. ISIS has filled this vacuum in the west, and Iran has taken charge of much of the east and south. Baghdad is trapped in the middle. Only the northern-most part of Iraq, which is under Kurdish control, is relatively stable.


No amount of diplomacy will change this. Iraq as well as Syria (which is in a stand-off between ISIS and forces loyal to President al-Assad) will continue to experience a bloodbath for some time to come. ISIS knows no fear. Its madmen are ready to die for their murderous cause. Congratulations Barack Obama― for creating mass chaos and destruction!

Afghanistan and Elsewhere

A similar situation is unfolding in Afghanistan where ISIS has established a formidable presence in both the north and the south. Also, the Taliban has regrouped and is taking back territory that had been conquered and subdued by U.S. forces. Emboldened by the fact that Obama is rapidly pulling troops out of that country, Islamic militants are poised to fill the vacuum. Unless drastic measures are taken soon, Afghanistan will once again become a terrorist state.


We haven’t even begun to consider Obama’s private support for Hamas in last summer’s war against Israel, or his rogue efforts to help Iran achieve nuclear capacity against the warnings of Israel’s prime minister and many members of the U.S. Congress. Nor have we looked at his weak response to the kidnapping, torture and slaughter of Christians in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram, the ruthless terrorist organization that recently formalized its alliance with ISIS.


Do I need to mention how this administration’s policies have helped fuel unrest and terrorist aggression in Yemen, Somalia and Lebanon? There is not a single area of the Middle East or North Africa where situations have improved since Barack Obama took office. Virtually every measure he’s imposed or necessary action he’s failed to take has exacerbated the conditions for law-abiding citizens in the region. It is difficult to imagine what he could have done to make matters any worse during his time as U.S. president. Again I ask, are we to believe this is all a mere coincidence?

Turmoil at Home

Here in the United States things are likewise deteriorating on numerous fronts. ISIS is now an imminent threat. According to U.S. Intelligence, upwards of 1,000 ISIS loyalists may be ready to commit aggressive acts of terror within our country. Their likely targets: U.S. military bases and personnel, churches and synagogues, public events and places (i.e. concerts, sports or political gatherings, shopping malls, etc.). Due to a lack of will by the administration, our borders have remained far too porous. Almost anyone who tries hard enough can get in ― and they have. I think we’d be astonished at the actual number of Islamic terrorists in the U.S. who are preparing to lunge forward.


While radical Islam has been permitted to thrive within the U.S., Obama has seized numerous opportunities to take negative jabs at Christians. Although he claims to be a Christian himself, his actions consistently side with Islam. I’m not aware of a single negative word he’s ever spoken against Islam. But his statements at times have been demeaning and condescending toward Christians.


Obama has been even more derogatory toward America’s conservative Jews who stand with Israel and believe it has a right to exist without interference from his administration. His number one targets in the U.S. are conservative Jews and Christians. I believe they will continue to be ostracized as long as he is President.


Racial tensions have also escalated under his watch. Since becoming Commander-in-Chief, Race relations have plummeted to the worst level in many decades. His administration has consistently mishandled situations in ways that have fueled the fire. Each wave of “orchestrated” violence is becoming more intense ― first Ferguson, then Baltimore. What cities are next? The growing chaos, I believe, is destined to spread because powerful forces in high places are manipulating matters in order to create an out-of-control scenario that will “require” direct federal intervention.


When it comes to moral issues such as same-sex marriage, the overall LGBT agenda, abortion, etc., the President has predictably been on the side that runs diametrically opposed to God’s laws ― which are plainly laid out in Scripture. He has with deliberate intent pitted himself against the God of the Bible and His followers. Under his ungodly leadership, the acceptance of immoral behavior in our country has proliferated. For example, a majority of Americans (close to 60 percent) now support same-sex marriage.


On the financial front, Obama has brought over one-fourth of our nation’s economy under his direct influence with the imposition of “Obamacare.” As a result, in less than two years’ time the healthcare industry has been turned on its head. Most of the changes implemented have created more government bureaucracy, less personal privacy, and worse care for a majority of patients. Our daughter, a highly-skilled nurse, recently shared that several of the nurses in her unit have left while others are planning to exit her hospital in the near future. The reason: Fewer nurses are expected to give more care to more patients. This has resulted in patients being upset over their quality of care, and nurses ― who were already operating near their limits ― being pushed over the edge. They are caught in the middle, between grumpy/hurting patients and a system that is tying their hands while giving them more tasks than they can possibly perform in a competent fashion. In short, Obamacare is ruining what was the world’s top healthcare system.


In regard to overall government spending, under Barack Obama the U.S. Federal Government has already borrowed close to $8 Trillion. Our national debt now stands at $18.2 Trillion. Some economists have warned that $22 Trillion is the point of no return. At the current rate of spending, we will be close to that mark by the end of Obama’s presidency.


Meanwhile, Obama is issuing Executive Orders at will on everything from immigration to national defense, with no regard for the U.S. Congress, our Constitution, or the protests of America’s conservative citizens.


Whether we want to admit it or not, we have a potential dictator in the White House. He comes with a smiling face and publicly calm demeanor. He also happens to have a pretty wife and nice children. But behind the façade is a determined politician with a well-calculated agenda. His goal, I believe, is to weaken and dismantle the United States in every conceivable way so that she can expeditiously be taken into the New World Order. He may best be described as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”


Think about it. Virtually every policy Obama has set in motion since first taking office has resulted in increased chaos ― both foreign and domestic. He is a man of lawlessness, ruling over what is rapidly becoming a land of lawlessness.

How Does God View America?

If Barack Obama came to power with the intent of taking America down, “we the people” bear much of the responsibility for what has taken place. Americans voted Obama into power a second time, with a full knowledge of where he stood on the issues. While his election in 2008 can be attributed to ignorance or naivety, his re-election in 2012 involved intentional choice, having witnessed the fruits of his first term in office.


From God’s perspective, America deserves Barack Obama because of the wickedness of its people. God will allow things to run their course by continuing to lift His hand of protection from our land ― because we have rebelled against Him. For many years, discerning men and women have called on our citizens to repent and turn back to the Lord. Their words have fallen largely on deaf ears. Only a remnant has responded and is heeding the warning. We are therefore destined for God’s judgment. It has already begun.


There is still a glimmer of hope in the possibility that the Lord will intervene if the people of America truly repent. However, the way things are progressing, I am not optimistic that this will occur.


A point to remember: Based on history, when judgment falls on a city or a nation, it affects all of its citizens, not just those at whom judgment is directed. So brace yourselves!


If you are a Christian, your peace of mind must come from the realization that your main hope lies in Jesus Christ and is eternal in nature. While it is not wrong to hope and work for a better future in this life, the Bible reminds us that as Christians we are “aliens and strangers” on this earth (1 Peter 2:9-12), being in conflict with the present fallen world system which is dominated by Satan. If we rely too heavily on money and the material things in our lives for happiness, we will be devastated when the hammer drops. Therefore, we must daily renew our commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ while reminding ourselves of our real purpose for being here.


We must love and serve the Lord with a pure heart, being His trustworthy ambassadors in a dark world. Every day of humble obedience to the Lord in this life has a profound impact on eternity, where we will one day celebrate God’s goodness and His merciful love and willingness to save all who have repented and turned to Him. No matter what happens in the days ahead, remember that God is good and is always faithful and true. At the end of this age, when everything is said and done, we will receive an indescribable reward ― to be united with the Creator and Lover of our souls and receive of His infinite blessings for all eternity. One thing is certain: God’s kids won’t be shortchanged!  ■

(This article was written on May 29, 2015.)