Is Trump the Antichrist?

(Written October 11, 2019) By Gary H. Kah

A few months ago, I couldn’t have envisioned myself covering this topic. However, in recent weeks a number of people have contacted me expressing their belief that Donald Trump is the Antichrist. One person was inquiring about a blog that laid out a point-by-point case for why our President fits this role. Another individual, who has been on our mailing list for many years and has struck us as one who is normally level-headed, claimed to have had confirmation from God that Trump is “the One.” Then, last week, while speaking at a Christian conference outside of the United States, attendees approached me with yet additional questions. A growing number of people, it seems are wondering if Donald Trump could in fact be the Man of Lawlessness described in Scripture.

Donald Trump at the United Nations

Given this sudden interest in our President’s possible cloaked identity, I felt led to address this matter in one of my conference presentations. And now, after more than a month of prayerfully seeking the Lord for discernment, I’d like to share some of my thoughts and conclusions with you, the reader.

This is important; if for no other reason, it could affect how Christians vote in the next election. In a close race, the outcome – and the future of our country – could be decided by how evangelical believers view this President. If a growing number of professing Christians label Donald Trump as the Antichrist, the ramifications would be great.

On the one hand, we certainly do not want to be deceived. We want to be among those who heed the warnings of Jesus given in Matthew 24:24-25:

For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect – if that were possible. See, I have told you ahead of time.

At the same time, we do not want to accuse an innocent man – who is working hard to flush out government corruption and is trying to defend our country’s freedoms – of being a despicable Satanic creature who will be destroyed by Jesus Christ at His return (2 Thessalonians 2:8). Thus, we need to be careful and circumspect as we consider this matter.

The President’s UN Speeches

Let’s begin by taking a look at some of President Trump’s formal policy statements. Just over a year ago, on September 25, 2018, during his speech to the UN General Assembly, the President declared:

America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination. I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return… We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy. America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism. Around the world, responsible nations must defend against threats to sovereignty not just from global governance, but also from other, new forms of coercion and domination… Sovereign and independent nations are the only vehicle where freedom has ever survived, democracy has ever endured, or peace has ever prospered. And so, we must protect our sovereignty and our cherished independence above all.

Now, let me ask you, if any other president, statesman, diplomat, or world leader had made those remarks on a global platform, would you conclude that they are the Antichrist? The answer is obvious…a resounding no!!

In fact, Donald Trump’s bold words to UN leaders represented the strongest warnings against world government spoken by a US President during my lifetime. He unequivocally defended our national sovereignty while openly opposing globalism. Not only that, but he called on the leaders of other nations to do the same. As a long-time researcher and writer on globalization, I could not have said it any better.

But, “actions speak louder than words,” right? Well, thus far, the President’s actions have matched his words. He has been the strongest defender of our constitutional republic since Ronald Reagan. When it comes to defending our borders, defending our economic interests overseas, or defending our freedom of speech and right to worship in this country, he has made good on his promises.

Last month, President Trump called a special meeting at the United Nations to address the topic of religious persecution and to stress the importance of religious freedom. In doing so, he became the first US President to take such a step. Here are some excerpts from his speech, delivered on September 23rd:

…it’s a true honor to be the first President of the United States to host a meeting at the United Nations on religious freedom.  And an honor it is.  It’s long overdue…

I want to thank Vice President Pence for the outstanding job he’s doing.  He’s been a fantastic and valuable representative of our country…

The United States is founded on the principle that our rights do not come from government; they come from God. This immortal truth is proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and enshrined in the First Amendment to our Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Our Founders understood that no right is more fundamental to a peaceful, prosperous, and virtuous society than the right to follow one’s religious convictions.

Regrettably, the religious freedom enjoyed by American citizens is rare in the world.  Approximately 80 percent of the world’s population live in countries where religious liberty is threatened, restricted, or even banned…

Today, with one clear voice, the United States of America calls upon the nations of the world to end religious persecution.  (Applause.) To stop the crimes against people of faith, release prisoners of conscience, repeal laws restricting freedom of religion and belief, protect the vulnerable, the defenseless, and the oppressed, America stands with believers in every country who ask only for the freedom to live according to the faith that is within their own hearts…

I’ve appointed a special envoy to monitor and combat anti-Semitism.  We’re [also] standing up for almost 250 million Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith.  It is estimated that 11 Christians are killed every day… I mean, just think of this: Eleven Christians a day, for following the teachings of Christ.  Who would even think that’s possible in this day and age?  Who would think it’s possible?

With us today is Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkey for a long period of time.  Last year, my administration was thrilled to bring him back home after a very short and respectful negotiation with a very strong man — and a man who has become a friend of mine, fortunately — President Erdoğan of Turkey. I called the President, and I said, “He’s an innocent man.”  

They’ve been trying to get Andrew out for a long time — previous administration.  I don’t think they tried too hard, unfortunately…So, congratulations.  And I understand you’re doing fantastic work with your family.  Thank you very much.  Thank you, Andrew.  (Applause.) 

I also want to thank Franklin Graham because he’s been so instrumental in everything we’re doing.  He’s done such an incredible job in so many different ways, including floods and hurricanes.  And every time I go, I see Franklin there.  He’s always there before me.  I don’t know how he gets there before me.  I’m going to beat him one day…

In July, I met with survivors of religious persecution at the White House.  And we’re honored that many of them could be here today as well.  Some of these individuals suffered as a result of state-sponsored persecution; others, at the hands of terrorists and criminals.  No matter the case, America will always be a voice for victims of religious persecution everywhere.  No matter where you go, you have a place in the United States of America.  Could I ask those folks to stand up, please?  Please, stand up. (Applause.)…

In the past year, the United States endured horrifying anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish Americans at synagogues in Pennsylvania and California.  In March, Muslims praying with their families were sadistically murdered in New Zealand.  On Easter Sunday this year, terrorists bombed Christian churches in Sri Lanka, killing hundreds of faithful worshippers.  Who would believe this is even possible?

These evil attacks are a wound on all humanity.  We must all work together to protect communities of every faith.  We’re also urging every nation to increase the prosecution and punishment of crimes against religious communities.  There can be no greater crime than that.  This includes measures to prevent the intentional destruction of religious sites and relics.  Today, the Trump administration will dedicate an additional $25 million to protect religious freedom and religious sites and relics…

Too often, people in positions of power preach diversity while silencing, shunning, or censoring the faithful.  True tolerance means respecting the right of all people to express their deeply held religious beliefs…

Today, I ask all nations to join us in this urgent moral duty.  We ask the governments of the world to honor the eternal right of every person to follow their conscience, live by their faith, and give glory to God.  The United States has a vital role in this critical mission…

So I want to thank everybody for being here.  God bless you.  God bless the faithful.  And God bless America.  Thank you very much. (Applause.)

So again, I ask you, does this sound like a man who is the Antichrist? Donald Trump has worked relentlessly behind the scenes to rescue and bring home Americans being persecuted and imprisoned overseas because of their Christian faith. He has also sounded the alarm on the persecution of Christians in general, wherever it may be occurring around the world. Thus far, he has had the backs of Christian believers and has not been afraid to stand with us on many of the most pressing issues.

The day after his meeting on religious freedom, President Trump delivered his annual address to the UN General Assembly. In his message to UN leaders he once again defended our nation’s sovereignty while strongly standing against the pursuits of globalist powers and institutions. As a conservative Christian, I support over 90 percent of what he said. Overall, it was a powerful speech. You can read the entire text at the end of this article.

Faulty Predictions

Over the years, I’ve been told quite emphatically by various professing Christian believers, that at least eight different world leaders are the Antichrist. This list has included three US presidents – prior to Donald Trump. Thus far none of their predictions have come to pass.

Having said this however, I do not want to completely rule out the possibility of Donald Trump being the Antichrist. Only God knows the real heart of a man. Hitler started out as a nationalist who revived Germany’s economy. Then, once he was fully empowered, he sought to take over the world.

Some individuals have concluded that Trump is the Antichrist because he is boastful and proud, which are characteristics of the Antichrist given in Scripture (see Daniel 8:23-25; 9:27; 11:31-32, 36-37; Matthew 24:15-16; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4; Revelation 13:2-6).

Others believe he fits the role because of claims he’s made that he will succeed where no one before him has – in bringing peace to Israel and the Middle East. He said it would be very difficult, but he thinks he can do it. I have to admit, I cringed when I first heard the President say this more than a year ago.

Still others believe Trump is the one because of a recent comment where he jokingly said that he is the “Chosen One” when it comes to standing up to China. He should know better than to use messianic terminology to describe himself, even if it is only in jest.

Other reasons have been put forth as well: He is commander-in-chief of the most far-reaching military power in the world, which has maintained a strong presence in the Middle East to enforce treaties; he oversees the world’s largest and most vibrant economy, which might make it possible some day for him to force everyone to take a mark on the hand to buy or sell; America’s culture and language are global, influencing the entire world more than any other nation, etc.

So, here’s what I believe. As mentioned, I don’t want to rule out any possibility. But, for Donald Trump to be the Antichrist, he would have to do a complete reversal on most of his current policies. Overall, his policies – and actions – have been very pro Christian and pro freedom. Consider the following:

  • The President has appointed numerous pro-Christian, pro-family federal judges.
  • He has taken a strong pro-life stance against abortion.
  • He continues to vigorously defend a Christian’s right to free speech and freedom to worship.
  • He has “freed up” businesses by drastically reducing bureaucratic government regulations and red tape.
  • He has strongly defended our national sovereignty while encouraging other nations to protect their sovereignty as well, as we’ve heard in his statements to the United Nations. (He is a nationalist, not a globalist.)
  • He is also making every effort to expose and root out those individuals within our federal bureaucracy who’ve been trying to push the United States into a one-world socialist government system.
  • In addition, President Trump has been fighting the efforts of powerful global financial institutions to force their SDR one-world currency system on the United States and other countries. He has been waging this battle mostly behind the scenes.

These are just a few of the measures this President has taken to ensure our freedoms and oppose the internationalist agenda. All of these actions seem to be the exact opposite of what a “wannabe” global dictator would be inclined to do.

The President’s Adversaries

I’ve discovered, during my years in ministry, that one can learn much about a person by identifying their enemies. So, who are Trump’s most vicious opponents? The following list is just for starters:

  • The anti-free enterprise, anti-American, pro-globalist members of the US Congress
  • The socialist media and depraved Hollywood figures
  • The Marxist college professors
  • The ultra-liberal, anti-Christian judges
  • The international financiers and politicians who are aggressively pursuing the establishment of a world government (new world order)
  • And, every New Age occultist I know of

John Brennan & Adam Schiff: Two of Trump’s biggest foes

This speaks volumes! These forces all HATE Trump. They can’t stand the man. This alone should cause us to pray for our President!

Now, if he suddenly appears to receive a mortal wound to the head, and miraculously recovers, seeming to be a different person who is supporting a global agenda…then everything changes. We can only make sound decisions based on the facts. We cannot be responsible for knowing what future actions a leader might take (although, generally speaking, one’s previous actions provide a strong clue of what future actions will be taken). As we all know, political figures can, and do, change their positions – often quite dramatically in a short space of time. But right now, given the evidence, I do not believe that Donald Trump is the Antichrist.

Much more could be said. This will likely become an increasingly hot topic as long as Donald Trump is the US President. 

A Look Ahead

Trump’s adversaries in the media and in Congress will pull out all the stops in the coming weeks to pursue impeachment. Their goal, I believe, is to get him out of office – or at least, to cripple him beyond repair – before the Inspector General’s report comes out and Attorney General Barr announces prosecutions of the Democrats’ top deep-state allies. Democrats desperately want to control the narrative to minimize the damage. Their challenge would be much easier with Trump gone.

Ideally, they’d like to get rid of Mike Pence as well. With Trump and Pence out of the way, Nancy Pelosi would become the interim President of the United States – a scary thought. Pelosi would squelch any further investigations into the Democrats’ wrongdoings, putting the Deep State back in complete charge. New World Order here we come!

One reason why Globalists are pushing so hard to regain control of the situation is because they were very close to pulling off their one-world agenda before Trump took office. Most all of the pieces were in place; perhaps the biggest of which was, and still is, Pope Francis in Rome. Globalist insiders understand that in order to achieve their socialist world government agenda, a pope is required who shares their vision. A world government would be virtually impossible to accomplish without the blessing and support of the Church of Rome, which represents over one billion Catholics worldwide. 

If Pope Francis is their man, they need to move quickly to implement their agenda while he is alive. His premature death would be perceived as a setback by Globalists; it would prevent Francis from fulfilling his important role on the international stage – that of luring Christendom into the new age of interfaith “one-worldism.”

Francis is supportive of the New World Order on every level – government, economics, environment, education, religion – you name it. He has made his positions abundantly clear in many public statements during his reign at the Vatican. On September 12th, he announced his latest initiative – a “Global Compact on Education” – during his visit to the Astalli Centre, the Jesuit Refugee Service in Rome. This “Compact” will officially be launched from the Vatican as part of a global event to take place on May 14, 2020. Its ultimate purpose: To pave the way, through education, for “major global changes.” Some excerpts from the Pope’s address appear in the box below.

With the help of Pope Francis, Globalists are pushing ahead on all fronts, hoping that Trump will not be able to further slow or thwart their efforts toward global government. But the President, being who he is, is unlikely to back down. As I see it, tensions between the Far Left and those defending our constitutional republic will continue to rise, until something gives. Much like a rubber band that snaps when it reaches its limits, so too our republic is nearing its breaking point. When it reaches that point, it won’t be pretty. Things could get ugly fast.

Either the deep-state Globalists will be held accountable and prosecuted for their corrupt practices and crimes against our republic, and we will be “gifted” a few more years by our gracious Lord, or, they will somehow manage to circumvent the consequences of their actions – as they’ve been able to do thus far. With the mass media and many powerful members of Congress on their side, the latter scenario remains a possibility. If these corrupt powers win this battle, they will almost certainly win the next election.

If new world order Socialists take control of the Presidency, it will result in an “open season” attack on Christians and conservative Jews. Every effort will be made to permanently silence us. With their opposition in the Executive Branch gone, the Far Left’s anger against Conservatives will be unleashed. Genuine persecution, which has been held at bay up to this point, will begin.

Make no mistake, this war is real and it is unlikely to diminish. Any Christian with discernment understands that this country has been in a major spiritual battle for many years. Now this conflict is in its final stages and is playing out publicly in the political arena. The forces of darkness have come out of their “secret chambers” and are on full display for all to see.

What happens next in the United States, I believe, depends more than anything on how willing we are, as followers of Jesus Christ, to be used by Him. Are we willing to put everything on the line for Christ – completely surrendering every aspect of our lives to Him so that He can effectively work through us? Will we take an all-out stand for the Lord on spiritual as well as political matters? Or, have we grown weary of standing in the gap and go down as tired servants who stopped fighting the fight set before us?

Make no mistake, our actions – or lack thereof – have consequences, both before God and in this physical realm in which we temporarily live. Therefore, I am asking everyone who reads these words to lay your sins down at the foot of the cross and make yourself available to be completely directed by the Holy Spirit. Pray fervently for the wisdom and protection of those leaders who are defending our Christian freedoms; and pray that God would bring justice to the evildoers attempting to destroy our nation. Pray also for those individuals in your sphere of influence, then pursue them with the love of Jesus. Take a courageous stand for truth and make a difference wherever you can!

If enough God-fearing Christians rise up and stand firm for the Lord and His principles, He may intervene on our behalf – for His glory – and give us more time to serve Him and enjoy the precious freedoms He provides. ■

Remarks by President Trump to the 74th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Issued on: September 25, 2019



United Nations Headquarters

New York, New York

September 24, 2019

10:12 A.M. EDT

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  Mr. President, Mr. Secretary-General, distinguished delegates, ambassadors, and world leaders:

   Seven decades of history have passed through this hall, in all of their richness and drama.  Where I stand, the world has heard from presidents and premiers at the height of the Cold War.  We have seen the foundation of nations.  We have seen the ringleaders of revolution.  We have beheld saints who inspired us with hope, rebels who stirred us with passion, and heroes who emboldened us with courage — all here to share plans, proposals, visions, and ideas on the world’s biggest stage.

   Like those who met us before, our time is one of great contests, high stakes, and clear choices.  The essential divide that runs all around the world and throughout history is once again thrown into stark relief.  It is the divide between those whose thirst for control deludes them into thinking they are destined to rule over others and those people and nations who want only to rule themselves.

   I have the immense privilege of addressing you today as the elected leader of a nation that prizes liberty, independence, and self-government above all.  The United States, after having spent over two and a half trillion dollars since my election to completely rebuild our great military, is also, by far, the world’s most powerful nation.  Hopefully, it will never have to use this power.

 Americans know that in a world where others seek conquest and domination, our nation must be strong in wealth, in might, and in spirit.  That is why the United States vigorously defends the traditions and customs that have made us who we are.

   Like my beloved country, each nation represented in this hall has a cherished history, culture, and heritage that is worth defending and celebrating, and which gives us our singular potential and strength.

   The free world must embrace its national foundations.  It must not attempt to erase them or replace them.

   Looking around and all over this large, magnificent planet, the truth is plain to see: If you want freedom, take pride in your country.  If you want democracy, hold on to your sovereignty.  And if you want peace, love your nation.  Wise leaders always put the good of their own people and their own country first.

   The future does not belong to globalists.  The future belongs to patriots.  The future belongs to sovereign and independent nations who protect their citizens, respect their neighbors, and honor the differences that make each country special and unique.

   It is why we in the United States have embarked on an exciting program of national renewal.  In everything we do, we are focused on empowering the dreams and aspirations of our citizens.

   Thanks to our pro-growth economic policies, our domestic unemployment rate reached its lowest level in over half a century.  Fueled by massive tax cuts and regulations cuts, jobs are being produced at a historic rate.  Six million Americans have been added to the employment rolls in under three years.

   Last month, African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment reached their lowest rates ever recorded. We are marshaling our nation’s vast energy abundance, and the United States is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world.  Wages are rising, incomes are soaring, and 2.5 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty in less than three years.

   As we rebuild the unrivaled might of the American military, we are also revitalizing our alliances by making it very clear that all of our partners are expected to pay their fair share of the tremendous defense burden, which the United States has borne in the past.

   At the center of our vision for national renewal is an ambitious campaign to reform international trade.  For decades, the international trading system has been easily exploited by nations acting in very bad faith.  As jobs were outsourced, a small handful grew wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

   In America, the result was 4.2 million lost manufacturing jobs and $15 trillion in trade deficits over the last quarter century.  The United States is now taking that decisive action to end this grave economic injustice.  Our goal is simple: We want balanced trade that is both fair and reciprocal.

   We have worked closely with our partners in Mexico and Canada to replace NAFTA with the brand new and hopefully bipartisan U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.

   Tomorrow, I will join Prime Minister Abe of Japan to continue our progress in finalizing a terrific new trade deal.

   As the United Kingdom makes preparations to exit the European Union, I have made clear that we stand ready to complete an exceptional new trade agreement with the UK that will bring tremendous benefits to both of our countries.  We are working closely with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on a magnificent new trade deal.

   The most important difference in America’s new approach on trade concerns our relationship with China.  In 2001, China was admitted to the World Trade Organization.  Our leaders then argued that this decision would compel China to liberalize its economy and strengthen protections to provide things that were unacceptable to us, and for private property and for the rule of law.  Two decades later, this theory has been tested and proven completely wrong.

   Not only has China declined to adopt promised reforms, it has embraced an economic model dependent on massive market barriers, heavy state subsidies, currency manipulation, product dumping, forced technology transfers, and the theft of intellectual property and also trade secrets on a grand scale.

   As just one example, I recently met the CEO of a terrific American company, Micron Technology, at the White House.  Micron produces memory chips used in countless electronics.  To advance the Chinese government’s five-year economic plan, a company owned by the Chinese state allegedly stole Micron’s designs, valued at up to $8.7 billion.  Soon, the Chinese company obtains patents for nearly an identical product, and Micron was banned from selling its own goods in China.  But we are seeking justice.

   The United States lost 60,000 factories after China entered the WTO.  This is happening to other countries all over the globe.

   The World Trade Organization needs drastic change.  The second-largest economy in the world should not be permitted to declare itself a “developing country” in order to game the system at others’ expense.

   For years, these abuses were tolerated, ignored, or even encouraged.  Globalism exerted a religious pull over past leaders, causing them to ignore their own national interests.

   But as far as America is concerned, those days are over.  To confront these unfair practices, I placed massive tariffs on more than $500 billion worth of Chinese-made goods.  Already, as a result of these tariffs, supply chains are relocating back to America and to other nations, and billions of dollars are being paid to our Treasury.

   The American people are absolutely committed to restoring balance to our relationship with China.  Hopefully, we can reach an agreement that would be beneficial for both countries.  But as I have made very clear, I will not accept a bad deal for the American people.

   As we endeavor to stabilize our relationship, we’re also carefully monitoring the situation in Hong Kong.  The world fully expects that the Chinese government will honor its binding treaty, made with the British and registered with the United Nations, in which China commits to protect Hong Kong’s freedom, legal system, and democratic ways of life.  How China chooses to handle the situation will say a great deal about its role in the world in the future.  We are all counting on President Xi as a great leader.

   The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation.  We desire peace, cooperation, and mutual gain with all.  But I will never fail to defend America’s interests.

   One of the greatest security threats facing peace-loving nations today is the repressive regime in Iran.  The regime’s record of death and destruction is well known to us all.  Not only is Iran the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism, but Iran’s leaders are fueling the tragic wars in both Syria and Yemen.

   At the same time, the regime is squandering the nation’s wealth and future in a fanatical quest for nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.  We must never allow this to happen.

   To stop Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and missiles, I withdrew the United States from the terrible Iran nuclear deal, which has very little time remaining, did not allow inspection of important sites, and did not cover ballistic missiles. Following our withdrawal, we have implemented severe economic sanctions on the country.  Hoping to free itself from sanctions, the regime has escalated its violent and unprovoked aggression.  In response to Iran’s recent attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, we just imposed the highest level of sanctions on Iran’s central bank and sovereign wealth fund.

   All nations have a duty to act.  No responsible government should subsidize Iran’s bloodlust.  As long as Iran’s menacing behavior continues, sanctions will not be lifted; they will be tightened.  Iran’s leaders will have turned a proud nation into just another cautionary tale of what happens when a ruling class abandons its people and embarks on a crusade for personal power and riches.

   For 40 years, the world has listened to Iran’s rulers as they lash out at everyone else for the problems they alone have created.  They conduct ritual chants of “Death to America” and traffic in monstrous anti-Semitism.  Last year the country’s Supreme Leader stated, “Israel is a malignant cancerous tumor…that has to be removed and eradicated: it is possible and it will happen.”  America will never tolerate such anti-Semitic hate.

   Fanatics have long used hatred of Israel to distract from their own failures.  Thankfully, there is a growing recognition in the wider Middle East that the countries of the region share common interests in battling extremism and unleashing economic opportunity.  That is why it is so important to have full, normalized relations between Israel and its neighbors.  Only a relationship built on common interests, mutual respect, and religious tolerance can forge a better future.

   Iran’s citizens deserve a government that cares about reducing poverty, ending corruption, and increasing jobs — not stealing their money to fund a massacre abroad and at home.

   After four decades of failure, it is time for Iran’s leaders to step forward and to stop threatening other countries, and focus on building up their own country.  It is time for Iran’s leaders to finally put the Iranian people first.

   America is ready to embrace friendship with all who genuinely seek peace and respect.

   Many of America’s closest friends today were once our gravest foes.  The United States has never believed in permanent enemies.  We want partners, not adversaries.  America knows that while anyone can make war, only the most courageous can choose peace.

   For this same reason, we have pursued bold diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula. I have told Kim Jong Un what I truly believe: that, like Iran, his country is full of tremendous untapped potential, but that to realize that promise, North Korea must denuclearize.

   Around the world, our message is clear: America’s goal is lasting, America’s goal is harmony, and America’s goal is not to go with these endless wars — wars that never end.

   With that goal in mind, my administration is also pursuing the hope of a brighter future in Afghanistan.  Unfortunately, the Taliban has chosen to continue their savage attacks.  And we will continue to work with our coalition of Afghan partners to stamp out terrorism, and we will never stop working to make peace a reality.

   Here in the Western Hemisphere, we are joining with our partners to ensure stability and opportunity all across the region.  In that mission, one of our most critical challenges is illegal immigration, which undermines prosperity, rips apart societies, and empowers ruthless criminal cartels.

   Mass illegal migration is unfair, unsafe, and unsustainable for everyone involved: the sending countries and the depleted countries.  And they become depleted very fast, but their youth is not taken care of and human capital goes to waste.

   The receiving countries are overburdened with more migrants than they can responsibly accept.  And the migrants themselves are exploited, assaulted, and abused by vicious coyotes.  Nearly one third of women who make the journey north to our border are sexually assaulted along the way.  Yet, here in the United States and around the world, there is a growing cottage industry of radical activists and non-governmental organizations that promote human smuggling.  These groups encourage illegal migration and demand erasure of national borders.

   Today, I have a message for those open border activists who cloak themselves in the rhetoric of social justice: Your policies are not just.  Your policies are cruel and evil.  You are empowering criminal organizations that prey on innocent men, women, and children.  You put your own false sense of virtue before the lives, wellbeing, and [of] countless innocent people.  When you undermine border security, you are undermining human rights and human dignity.

   Many of the countries here today are coping with the challenges of uncontrolled migration.  Each of you has the absolute right to protect your borders, and so, of course, does our country.  Today, we must resolve to work together to end human smuggling, end human trafficking, and put these criminal networks out of business for good.

   To our country, I can tell you sincerely: We are working closely with our friends in the region — including Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama — to uphold the integrity of borders and ensure safety and prosperity for our people.  I would like to thank President López Obrador of Mexico for the great cooperation we are receiving and for right now putting 27,000 troops on our southern border.  Mexico is showing us great respect, and I respect them in return.

   The U.S., we have taken very unprecedented action to stop the flow of illegal immigration.  To anyone considering crossings of our border illegally, please hear these words: Do not pay the smugglers.  Do not pay the coyotes.  Do not put yourself in danger.  Do not put your children in danger.  Because if you make it here, you will not be allowed in; you will be promptly returned home.  You will not be released into our country.  As long as I am President of the United States, we will enforce our laws and protect our borders.

   For all of the countries of the Western Hemisphere, our goal is to help people invest in the bright futures of their own nation.  Our region is full of such incredible promise: dreams waiting to be built and national destinies for all.  And they are waiting also to be pursued.

   Throughout the hemisphere, there are millions of hardworking, patriotic young people eager to build, innovate, and achieve.  But these nations cannot reach their potential if a generation of youth abandon their homes in search of a life elsewhere.  We want every nation in our region to flourish and its people to thrive in freedom and peace.

   In that mission, we are also committed to supporting those people in the Western Hemisphere who live under brutal oppression, such as those in Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

   According to a recent report from the U.N. Human Rights Council, women in Venezuela stand in line for 10 hours a day waiting for food.  Over 15,000 people have been detained as political prisoners.  Modern-day death squads are carrying out thousands of extrajudicial killings.

   The dictator Maduro is a Cuban puppet, protected by Cuban bodyguards, hiding from his own people while Cuba plunders Venezuela’s oil wealth to sustain its own corrupt communist rule.

   Since I last spoke in this hall, the United States and our partners have built a historic coalition of 55 countries that recognize the legitimate government of Venezuela.

   To the Venezuelans trapped in this nightmare: Please know that all of America is united behind you.  The United States has vast quantities of humanitarian aid ready and waiting to be delivered.  We are watching the Venezuela situation very closely.  We await the day when democracy will be restored, when Venezuela will be free, and when liberty will prevail throughout this hemisphere.

   One of the most serious challenges our countries face is the specter of socialism.  It’s the wrecker of nations and destroyer of societies.

   Events in Venezuela remind us all that socialism and communism are not about justice, they are not about equality, they are not about lifting up the poor, and they are certainly not about the good of the nation.  Socialism and communism are about one thing only: power for the ruling class.

   Today, I repeat a message for the world that I have delivered at home: America will never be a socialist country.

   In the last century, socialism and communism killed 100 million people.  Sadly, as we see in Venezuela, the death toll continues in this country.  These totalitarian ideologies, combined with modern technology, have the power to excise [exercise] new and disturbing forms of suppression and domination.

   For this reason, the United States is taking steps to better screen foreign technology and investments and to protect our data and our security.  We urge every nation present to do the same.

   Freedom and democracy must be constantly guarded and protected, both abroad and from within.  We must always be skeptical of those who want conformity and control.  Even in free nations, we see alarming signs and new challenges to liberty.

   A small number of social media platforms are acquiring immense power over what we can see and over what we are allowed to say.  A permanent political class is openly disdainful, dismissive, and defiant of the will of the people.  A faceless bureaucracy operates in secret and weakens democratic rule.  Media and academic institutions push flat-out assaults on our histories, traditions, and values.

   In the United States, my administration has made clear to social media companies that we will uphold the right of free speech.  A free society cannot allow social media giants to silence the voices of the people, and a free people must never, ever be enlisted in the cause of silencing, coercing, canceling, or blacklisting their own neighbors.

   As we defend American values, we affirm the right of all people to live in dignity.  For this reason, my administration is working with other nations to stop criminalizing of homosexuality, and we stand in solidarity with LGBTQ people who live in countries that punish, jail, or execute individuals based upon sexual orientation.

   We are also championing the role of women in our societies.  Nations that empower women are much wealthier, safer, and much more politically stable.  It is therefore vital not only to a nation’s prosperity, but also is vital to its national security, to pursue women’s economic development.

   Guided by these principles, my administration launched the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiatives.  The W-GDP is first-ever government-wide approach to women’s economic empowerment, working to ensure that women all over the planet have the legal right to own and inherit property, work in the same industries as men, travel freely, and access credit and institutions.

   Yesterday, I was also pleased to host leaders for a discussion about an ironclad American commitment: protecting religious leaders and also protecting religious freedom.  This fundamental right is under growing threat around the world.  Hard to believe, but 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where religious liberty is in significant danger or even completely outlawed.  Americans will never fire or tire in our effort to defend and promote freedom of worship and religion.  We want and support religious liberty for all.

   Americans will also never tire of defending innocent life.  We are aware that many United Nations projects have attempted to assert a global right to taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, right up until the moment of delivery.  Global bureaucrats have absolutely no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life.  Like many nations here today, we in America believe that every child — born and unborn — is a sacred gift from God.

   There is no circumstance under which the United States will allow international entries [entities] to trample on the rights of our citizens, including the right to self-defense.  That is why, this year, I announced that we will never ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which would threaten the liberties of law-abiding American citizens.  The United States will always uphold our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  We will always uphold our Second Amendment.

   The core rights and values America defends today were inscribed in America’s founding documents.  Our nation’s Founders understood that there will always be those who believe they are entitled to wield power and control over others. Tyranny advances under many names and many theories, but it always comes down to the desire for domination.  It protects not the interests of many, but the privilege of few.

   Our Founders gave us a system designed to restrain this dangerous impulse.  They chose to entrust American power to those most invested in the fate of our nation: a proud and fiercely independent people.

   The true good of a nation can only be pursued by those who love it: by citizens who are rooted in its history, who are nourished by its culture, committed to its values, attached to its people, and who know that its future is theirs to build or theirs to lose.  Patriots see a nation and its destiny in ways no one else can.

   Liberty is only preserved, sovereignty is only secured, democracy is only sustained, greatness is only realized, by the will and devotion of patriots.  In their spirit is found the strength to resist oppression, the inspiration to forge legacy, the goodwill to seek friendship, and the bravery to reach for peace.  Love of our nations makes the world better for all nations.

   So to all the leaders here today, join us in the most fulfilling mission a person could have, the most profound contribution anyone can make: Lift up your nations.  Cherish your culture.  Honor your histories.  Treasure your citizens. Make your countries strong, and prosperous, and righteous.  Honor the dignity of your people, and nothing will be outside of your reach.

   When our nations are greater, the future will be brighter, our people will be happier, and our partnerships will be stronger.

   With God’s help, together we will cast off the enemies of liberty and overcome the oppressors of dignity.  We will set new standards of living and reach new heights of human achievement. We will rediscover old truths, unravel old mysteries, and make thrilling new breakthroughs.  And we will find more beautiful friendship and more harmony among nations than ever before.

   My fellow leaders, the path to peace and progress, and freedom and justice, and a better world for all humanity, begins at home.

   Thank you.  God bless you.  God bless the nations of the world.  And God bless America.  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)


10:49 A.M EDT