God Help Us!

By Gary Kah.

The United States is in very deep trouble. In recent weeks, numerous concerned Christians – including researchers, apologists, and talk show hosts – have asked me, “Is this it?… Is this the end of America?” My response: If the current downward spiral of wanton sin, chaos and lawlessness continues, then yes, our days as a free nation are numbered. I have merely been stating the obvious – that without the direct intervention of God, we are sunk!

This begs the question, Is there anything that might prompt God to supernaturally intervene in the dire affairs of our nation? In 2 Chronicles 7:14, the Lord tells us what human actions may lead Him to respond:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (emphasis mine)

Today in America, many Christians are praying and some are humbly seeking God, but how many of us are actually turning from our wicked ways? Repentance is not taught in most of today’s churches, and pastors have all but eliminated this all-important word from their vocabulary. Afterall, God’s love for us is so great that He overlooks all of our flaws (sins), right? There is no need to repent. God accepts us as we are. His love is unconditional. So we are taught.

But what is rarely presented these days is the fact that God HATES sin; and when His people who carry His banner – often times flippantly – sin like unbelievers, refusing to acknowledge and turn from their wicked ways, it leaves Him no choice but to eventually send judgment. First Peter 4:17 plainly states that “judgment begins at the house of God.” And if this is the case with the church, then what does it mean for non-Christians who have outrightly rejected the gospel of Jesus?

Violence and destruction are taking over America’s streets.

All that God would have to do is lift His protective covering, and America would quickly perish, being destroyed by the devil’s forces who are ready to lunge. One could argue that this process has already begun and that we are in the final phase of God removing His hand of protection from our nation. If this is the case, and I believe that it is, then each one of us who professes the name of Jesus must immediately repent – of ALL our sins (including the hidden ones) – and bow ourselves at God’s feet, humbly and urgently crying out for His grace and mercy. Only after coming clean before the Lord can we expect Him to intervene on our behalf and delay judgment. We should not expect a holy God to rescue our nation from the mess it’s in unless we in the church take sin seriously!

All of the research and analysis in the world won’t change our current state of affairs. Only the repentance of Christians (ALL Christians – white, black, brown, red and yellow) might move God to turn the tide at this late stage. I am pleading for God to convict our hearts of the need to repent and align ourselves with His purposes. If enough of us turn to Him in complete surrender, perhaps it would spawn one final endtimes revival. For such a spiritual shift to occur, however, it will require a Nineveh-like repentance; a desperate outcry for the Lord’s intervention, accompanied with a holy disdain for sin and rebellion. Make no mistake, unless such a repentance takes shape very soon, we are doomed as a nation.

On Matters of Race

The racial turbulence and upheaval currently sweeping America will not lead to racial justice and better times. Instead, it will bring about greater division and hatred. Our enemy, Satan, is a master deceiver and manipulator. Rather than bringing peace and understanding into a tense situation, he fans the flames into chaos and lawlessness in order to create a crisis atmosphere – which he needs in order to force our nation into his coming anti-Christ world order. First came the COVID-19 extreme lockdown, and now unprecedented civil unrest and destruction that is moving us toward civil war. Meanwhile, our debt is becoming unmanageable and economists are hinting of a potential collapse this fall. We haven’t even considered the international tensions between the US and China, and between India and China which are in a near state of war; nor the fact that Iran may have a nuclear weapon within months. The world is so full of crisis scenarios waiting to explode, the last thing we needed in this country was racial strife to further destabilize us.

When I observed the Minneapolis police officer snuff the life out of George Floyd on May 25th, I was stunned. The second time I watched the incident, I literally felt sick to my stomach and had to turn off the television. The brazenness of Derek Chauvin to kill an already hand-cuffed man lying on the ground, surrounded by onlookers and fully aware that he was being recorded, is beyond comprehension. It seriously makes one wonder if Chauvin was demon possessed and intentionally did what he did to create the resulting chaos. While only God knows his true motives, Chauvin’s actions set in motion the wave of violence and upheaval that is still spreading. The devil, I am certain, is well pleased.

The tragedy in all of this is that what was a unifying moment for our country in which the vast majority of people, regardless of color, were collectively appalled by what happened, has instead turned into an opportunistic power grab by anarchists who were waiting in the wings for a moment such as this.

Antifa and other anarchist groups have unleashed their hatred and destructive force upon our nation with the goal of weakening it beyond repair, hoping this will prepare society to finally accept their Luciferic world government solution. The Black Lives Matter movement, rather than promoting peaceful change where needed, has thrown fuel on the fire – causing more division and racial tension, not less.

Many well-intentioned young people of all colors have jumped on the BLM bandwagon, believing their protests will somehow lead to racial justice, unity and harmony. Even some Christians have fallen into this trap, allowing their emotions over a tragic event to dictate their response. None of these individuals, to the best of my knowledge, have taken the time to research the background and real intentions of Black Lives Matter and therefore do not realize that they are unwittingly being used to destroy their country – which will ultimately result in their own loss of freedom. They are likely unaware of BLM’s historic ties to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers and the LGBTQ movement, or its anti-traditional family agenda and over-arching anti-Israel/anti-Semitic thrust.1 The core values that followers of Jesus Christ stand for, the BLM leaders reject and stand vehemently against. Please take the time to read the next few articles in this issue which make these connections. 

As more evidence, RightSideNews.com did a comprehensive summary article in July of 2016 titled “Black Lives Matter: Understanding Its Origins, History, and Agendas.” Although this piece is four years old, it provides valuable background information. It includes the BLM response to the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando. RSN sets the stage: “On June 21, 2016 – a few days after a self-proclaimed Muslim jihadist used an AR-15 rifle to murder 49 people and wound 53 others in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida – BLM posted an article on its website that blamed ‘white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia of the conservative right’ for the atrocity. It read, in part, as follows:”

Despite the media’s framing of this as a terrorist attack, we are very clear that this terror is completely homegrown, born from the anti-Black white supremacy, patriarchy and homophobia of the conservative right and of those who would use religious extremism as a weapon to gain power for the few and take power from the rest. Those who seek to profit from our deaths hope we will forget who our real enemy is, and blame Muslim communities instead…

Homegrown terror is the product of a long history of colonialism, including state and vigilante violence. It is the product of white supremacy and capitalism, which deforms the spirit and fuels interpersonal violence. We especially hold space for our Latinx family now, knowing that the vast majority of those murdered were Latinx, and many were specifically Puerto Rican. From the forced migration of thousands of young people from the island of Puerto Rico to Orlando, to the deadly forced migration throughout Latin America and the Caribbean – we know this is not the first time in history our families have been mowed down with malice, and we stand with you.

Religious extremism is not new to America and is not unique to Islam. For centuries, religion has been used to subjugate queer people of color and lay the groundwork for our deaths. We live in a society that gasps at mass murder but does little to produce the policies or radical ideological shift needed to keep LGBTQ people and their families alive and safe…

We will not allow our movement to be dominated by white progressives that still attempt to define our solutions and limit our leadership. We will not allow the vision to be stunted by a gun control agenda with neither racial context nor a clear history of the relationship between white supremacy and guns in the United States… You cannot decry guns without also decrying how those guns were used to take Native land, to enslave Black bodies, to remake “Latin America”, and to redefine the western hemisphere. We need more than legislation, more than vigils and prayers, more than donations – we need a deep transformation at the cellular levels of this nation…

We need a world that realizes that the word “terrorist” is not synonymous with Muslim, any more than “criminal” is synonymous with Black. The enemy is now and has always been the four threats of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and militarism. These forces and not Islam create terrorism. These forces, and not queerness, create homophobia. These forces unleash destruction primarily on those who are Trans, and queer, and brown and Black, and we are the first to experience its violence…Until these systems are defeated, until anti-Blackness no longer fuels anti-Muslim and anti-queer and trans bigotry, exploitation, and exclusion – we can never be truly free.2

This is just a glimpse into the radical mindset of Black Lives Matter. Two of BLM’s three founders are far-leftist homosexuals, which adds some perspective to these statements.3 One of these “queer” (her words) co-founders is Ms. Patrisse Cullors, a Marxist-Leninist. In a 2015 interview with the Real News Network, Cullors explained,

The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers…We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk.4

Cullors was mentored for more than a decade by Eric Mann, an avowed communist revolutionary. Mann was a member of radical-left militant groups, including the Weather Underground, which bombed government buildings and police stations in the 60s and 70s and was designated a domestic terrorist group by the FBI in 1969. Cullors and Mann have both been strong supporters of Bernie Sanders.5

Defunding the Police

In recent weeks Black Lives Matter has taken the lead in calling for the defunding of America’s police. However, taking such action will only lead to mob rule and hurt black communities most. It is pure insanity to remove the police presence from the very neighborhoods where crime is highest. Lawlessness begets more lawlessness until it is stopped. The absence of law enforcement from our cities would force law abiding citizens to bear arms in order to protect their families, homes and businesses. At that point we’d be crossing the threshold from civil unrest to civil war. This is exactly what the anarchists want.

According to a June 16th article at LifeSiteNews.com titled “Witches and Satanists have teamed up with Leftists to destroy America,” we are in an all-out spiritual war that is beginning to turn into physical war. Researcher John Horvat writes:

Satanists and witches [have been] invoking evil powers to aid those participating in the violence.

The witches do not hide their involvement in the violent protests. Mashable reports that witches’ covens are actively engaged in hexing police, whom they accuse of brutality. They especially target those who are risking their lives to stop the riots. The witches also cast spells asking for protection for protesters that confront the police. Witch activists [are using] their dark arts as cutting-edge weapons for those who want to engage in a more spiritual class warfare.

The hashtag #witchesforblm serves as a meeting place for practicing witches who want to learn how to cast protection spells, draw occult sigils, and hex police. Five days after the hashtag started, it garnered 10 million views on the TikTok app.

The postings often include videos of witches casting spells or even acting out what they believe will happen to the police they target. The hexing can get very personal as the witches teach others to write down the names of individual police officers on papers, which are then burned with black candles. The hexes aim to bring misfortune to the officers already at risk while defending the city from disorder.

The witches are part of a growing movement mixing politics and the occult. Numerous books of spells have been published since the 2016 elections advising occultist activists how to invoke the powers of darkness for political causes. Witches and Satanists are appearing more often in public to push their agenda and display their scorn for God and His law.

…the secular left has no problem accepting them into its ranks despite secular leftists’ disbelief in the supernatural. The occult’s story of the devil oppressed by an Almighty God fits into their tired class struggle narrative and feeds their disdain for God.6

A witch invokes the powers of darkness

The fact is, Satan is the author of rebellion and the perpetrator of lawlessness. Together with his team of anarchists, witches and political leftists, he is seeking to completely dismantle and destroy America. The sad irony for minority groups who’ve become involved in the current upheaval is that they are destroying the very country that has afforded them the most opportunities of any nation on earth. They will ultimately be hurt the most by these actions.

As one who has visited nearly 40 countries, I can tell you there is no other place where such a large percentage of blacks have flourished materially as in the United States – with the possible exception of the island nation of Barbados.

A few years ago, my wife and I were invited to share in several of that country’s black churches. It was a time we thoroughly enjoyed and will never forget. The Barbadian Christians were among the most loving and hospitable godly people we’d ever met. While there, we learned that Barbados is over 92 percent black (only 2 percent white) and boasts the highest adult literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere (over 99 percent). It also has the lowest crime rate of all the Caribbean nations. Why has this small island fared so well? The answer: It has had very strong Bible-believing black leaders over the years – leaders who’ve been backed by its citizens who are 70 percent Protestant Christians (3% Catholic).

The bottom line: A true faith in Jesus Christ makes all the difference in the world. Without a close personal walk with Jesus, we are no match for Satan in this fallen world. Individuals who walk with the Lord and fellowship with other like-minded believers become groups that walk with the Lord; and groups become movements which ultimately influence nations. This same principle of progression, unfortunately, also applies to the realm of evil. Therefore, unless Christians of all colors get serious about the Lord and rise up with one voice against the forces of tyranny – and do so quickly – our freedoms will soon be lost!

The leftist socialist media bears much of the responsibility for the current lawlessness spreading across our land. They have manipulated the facts and have been intentionally biased against law and order. For example, each month numerous law enforcement officers of all colors are violently killed in the line of duty while protecting innocent civilians. Yet, these incidents almost never receive national coverage. Officers working in crime ridden neighborhoods daily put their lives on the line but get virtually no empathy or credit. In a typical year in the United States, several times as many police officers (many of them black) are killed on the job as young black men who are killed by police. This is an intentionally ignored, and mostly unreported, fact.

If the media – trying to sow discord among the American people – only focuses on incidents where police kill young black men without also showing the many times each year when black police officers (and police of other colors) are unjustly murdered by lawless individuals, it paints a mercilessly inaccurate picture. According to the FBI, 48 officers were killed in 2019 as a result of felonious acts. In 2018, the number was 56. Of the 48 officers killed last year, 7 were black. Their average age was 40.7 Some of them left behind widows with children. While local media outlets sometimes cover these tragedies, the national media rarely will. The only plausible reason for this deplorable unfairness is that the socialist media has an agenda; their globalist agenda happens to align with that of revolutionaries working for the demise of America – one of “divide and conquer.”

Our Own Experience

During the writing of my first book, En Route to Global Occupation, our family lived in a mixed, predominately black neighborhood not far from the inner city of Indianapolis. We were among four young Christian families who moved into that area around the same time. Those were difficult but good years in which we made some great friends. Soon we felt right at home and began doing whatever we could to make a difference for the Lord.

When we first moved there, our street was riddled with potholes as it hadn’t been resurfaced in about 40 years. So, I set out to get signatures from all the residents to petition the city to fix our street, something the city of Indianapolis thankfully did a few months later. Going door to door gave me the opportunity to get to know our neighbors and learn more about our community. 

One thing we noticed rather quickly was the lack of adult men living in the neighborhood, especially among the black households. Out of the 90 plus houses on our street, approximately 50 were home to blacks and 40 to whites. A number of homes were lived in by elderly widows and widowers. Of the 35 or so residences that were home to younger blacks (those under the age of 50), most were occupied by one or two women with children. In fact, we were aware of only two “normal” family households where a husband and wife were living together with their children. This came as a complete shock to us, as we discovered that all but a few of the black children living on our street were essentially fatherless.

One of the little boys living two doors down would regularly come over to play with our girls. His father was serving time for armed robbery; so “Hooty” was living with his mom and another lady. Although a couple of other men whose children lived on our street had been in and out of jail for criminal activities, most of the black men who had fathered the children were simply absent from their lives – off doing their own thing.

I remember telling my wife that this was a recipe for disaster, as fatherless boys are much more likely to get into trouble. We did what we could, but our efforts were limited. On one occasion, I gave my 10-speed bike to a teenage boy who was walking to work every day at a restaurant five miles away. He was SO happy! His jubilant mother came by to thank us and express her appreciation. I was also able to mentor a young man for a time. But I came to realize that some black folks do not take so kindly to white men coaching their children. They prefer black men to play that role.

Today, more than anything, the black community needs young black men to take responsibility for their children. No amount of protesting or blaming the government will change the existing family crisis among blacks. Only Jesus can turn this situation around, but He needs for these men to come to a saving faith in Him for this to happen. Meanwhile, godly black men are desperately needed to mentor the many fatherless boys.

Thankfully, there are a growing number of Christian black fathers who recognize this need and are stepping up their efforts. Great men of God, true leaders – like Coach Tony Dungy, Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Charles Ware, Pastor Tony Evans and Evangelist Donald Perkins (with whom I’ve done many conferences) – are excellent role models and are doing what they can. But more good men are needed.

Predominately white churches could make a big difference by supporting Christian mentoring programs designed to help black youth. Also, adopting a black church fellowship to pray for – and black churches reciprocating – would please the Lord and produce good fruit. We are all one blood, and if we’ve accepted Jesus in repentance we’ll all be together in heaven one day. Black and white, we are one in Christ. We must resist the devil’s temptation to be involved in racially inciteful activities that tear each other and our country down.

My favorite voice on issues of race is Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She is a wonderful, well-spoken, godly woman who radiates Jesus and always imparts words of wisdom in the midst of turbulent situations. Regarding her uncle and father, during a recent interview discouraging violence, she remarked, “They actually preached the Bible along with their dad [Alveda’s grandfather]…They taught us to learn to live together as brothers – and I add as sisters – and not perish together as fools.”8 A good word!

According to Scripture, Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea. He grew up to become a Jewish carpenter with Semitic features that more than likely included light brown/olive-colored skin. Jesus wasn’t German or French, nor was he Nigerian or Chinese. He was a Middle Eastern Jew.

What Needs to Happen

With God’s help, there are some immediate practical steps that can be taken to help de-escalate tensions. First of all, while the vast majority of police officers are not racists and daily put their lives on the line to protect communities from criminal activities, there are unfortunately some bad apples in the bunch. Therefore, some reforms are warranted and necessary. Any officers with a history of overly aggressive use of force should at the very least be taken off the streets and placed on office duty. If they are racists or have a belligerent temperament, they should be terminated from the force altogether. Unpredictable behavior cannot be risked at this critical time.

Also, shooting a suspect in the back when they are running away and pose no lethal threat to the officer is unacceptable. Taking a human life should only be done as a last resort when ones’ own life is truly threatened. If an unarmed individual is running from a scene and must be stopped, shoot them in the leg or buttocks if necessary, but don’t riddle them full of bullets in the back with the intent of killing them. This should already be a mandatory part of police training. Other reforms may be necessary and have been proposed by the President; however, defunding police or scaling back their budgets should not be an option. When the law enforcement presence is removed or decreased in an area, crime increases; and if left unchecked, it soon spins out of control. The liberal mayors of our biggest cities are making a huge mistake by decreasing law enforcement. They will reap what they sow.

Secondly, those criminal minds who are helping to fund anarchist groups like Antifa should be tracked down, put in jail, and have their property and banking assets seized. Billionaires like George Soros who support anarchy should be removed from society, and their assets should be distributed to worthwhile charitable efforts that benefit the inner city poor and help rebuild the hundreds of businesses destroyed by the riots. It is absolutely ridiculous that Soros and his band of billionaire hooligans are able to do what they do with no fear of consequences.

Thirdly, we must find a way to give godly black leaders a greater platform from which to address their communities. The liberal media caters to racial provocateurs and agitators rather than giving a voice to men and women who are genuine Christ-like peacemakers. Christian voices – both black and white – need to be heard. It’s now or never, as our country is drifting toward civil war.

Some overall changes in attitude are also in order. Although 90 percent of non-black Americans are descended from immigrants who came to the United States after the abolition of slavery, their ancestors came here of their own free will. This was not the case with most blacks, whose ancestors arrived on our shores through forced slavery. Many blacks have struggled to let go of – and overcome – this fact of their history. Whites must at least show some empathy and understanding on this sore matter. On the other hand, those blacks who still struggle with this sad part of American history must come to the realization that no amount of aggressive actions will change the past. Only through Christ can they rise above this stronghold.

Jesus is the great equalizer. In Him, persons of all colors find acceptance, forgiveness, and eternal life. Our souls are of equal value to God. True Christians cannot be racists because we recognize that life is sacred and each one of us has been created by God in His own image. 

As Christians we are also united by our common bond with Jesus our Savior as recipients of His mercy and grace (Galatians 3:26-27). His unity is centered on eternal truth, unlike the false interfaith unity which is built upon deception and will ultimately lead to destruction. For such Holy Spirit-led unity and peace to prevail and our nation to be healed, all of us must humble ourselves as individuals before God, with repentant hearts, and follow Jesus. Either we respond to the Lord’s call, or we will face the terrible consequences. God is waiting. What will it be? Will there be a revival in our land, or will America go down in the ashes of history?

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine. We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you. — Psalm 33:12a, 18-22


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