Get Out and Vote!

(Written October 1, 2018)

By Gary H. Kah

The upcoming midterm elections are being portrayed by the liberal media as a moratorium on Donald Trump. They are convinced they have succeeded in painting the President as a corrupt, repulsive, immoral moron of a man who no one in their right mind would ever vote for again. Subsequently, they are salivating over the prospect of a huge “blue wave” they hope will sweep leftist Liberals back into power come November. I pray they are underestimating the strength of the opposition to their socialist agenda and deceptive tactics.

However, the growing socialist movement within the Democratic Party is highly motivated. If they gain control of the House, the move by Conservatives to reclaim our cherished constitutional republic will have been short-lived; as any conservative-inspired legislation and policies will be “dead on arrival” in the new Congress. I personally believe this may be our last chance to hold back the leftist tide politically. The upcoming Midterms, as I see it, will actually be a moratorium on US citizens more than Donald Trump. The real question is, “How determined are law-abiding common sense Americans to take back our constitutional republic from the grips of the new world order Deep State loyalists?”

Anti-Trump sentiments running high among young Socialists

To a large extent, Midterm results depend on how many Conservatives turn out to vote. If only 5 percent of the Evangelicals who voted for Trump in 2016 stay at home – disillusioned by his antics – Leftists will most certainly take back Congress.

If you don’t cast your vote in this, the most important midterm election of our lifetime, you will have no right to complain when Liberals continue to undermine our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundational values in the years ahead. Consider this: According to the latest polls (conducted in August) 57 percent of Millennials – those between the ages of 22 and 37 – consider themselves to be Socialists. Equally troubling is the fact that Millennials are expected to outnumber the more-conservative Baby Boomers for the first time in the 2020 presidential election. So, it won’t get any easier down the road. That is why we must take advantage of this moment in history. For the sake of our country, exercise your God-given duty and get out and vote!

Millennial-driven Socialists

Millennial Socialists have an idealistic but unattainable platform. They want universal income, universal healthcare, cancelation of all their debt, and free college tuition – just for starters. This would require an additional $3 – 5 trillion per year of federal funds, and would mean raising taxes by a minimum of 10 – 15 percent. But it wouldn’t stop there. Lessons from history demonstrate that socialism always spirals upward in its quest for control, and individual freedoms and discretionary income spiral downward.

Yet, our public schools have indoctrinated Millennials on the “benefits” of socialism. Most of them haven’t been adequately warned of its dangerous consequences. Many of our young people can’t even tell you who Joseph Stalin was, or what he did – killing more than 10 million of his own countrymen to enforce “socialist ideals.”

Adolf Hitler was the head of Germany’s socialist movement, which became epitomized in their National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NAZI). Look at what happened. Millions of Jews and Christians were exterminated; not to mention the millions of combat fatalities around the globe from the world war that ensued.

Venezuela’s current socialist experiment is failing miserably. That nation has one of the world’s largest oil reserves, and a few decades ago had one of the world’s highest levels of per capita income. It was a very prosperous country. Now it is bankrupt, and its people are starving. Thousands are fleeing for their lives because of the brutality of the current socialist dictator – Nicolás Maduro – who has already executed many.

Millennials don’t realize these things. They have literally been brainwashed – to some degree by our public schools, but even more so by our ultra-liberal/pro-socialist universities (our institutions of “higher” learning). Perhaps of greatest concern is the fact that America’s Millennial-driven socialist movement is extremely hostile toward conservative Christians and Jews; and a significant number of these individuals are willing to be militant in their actions. If they come to power, make no mistake, there will be persecution against those adhering to a biblical worldview! Are you willing to hand Socialists this opportunity just because you aren’t particularly fond of our current Commander in Chief?

Our Embattled President

As you probably know, Donald Trump was not my first choice for president. There were other candidates I would have rather seen in the White House. But since taking office he has been incredibly devoted to protecting and strengthening our constitutional republic. He is also the first President in a long while to take the concerns and advice of Christian Conservatives seriously.

Despite his colorful personality and sometimes ridiculous tweets and over-the-top statements, he has in fact accomplished a great deal for our nation’s good – all while under a continuous assault by the leftist media and liberal adversaries in Washington. As frustrating as he may sometimes be, we have to look past his unique Trumpisms and focus on what he has been doing in the area of policy and national security. We must give credit where credit is due.

Thus far during his term, President Trump has reduced the bureaucratic red tape and taxes that were strangling small businesses, thereby breathing new life into our free enterprise system. He has appointed dozens of conservative, pro-family judges nationwide. He’s been doing his best to secure our borders and strengthen our defenses against potential attacks from terrorists and foreign enemies. He has also withdrawn our support from numerous anti-American UN agencies and pro-Islamic organizations (something no other U.S. President had the backbone to do). And, last but not least, he has repaired the strained relationship with our closest ally, Israel, while recognizing Jerusalem as its rightful capital. These are just a few of the things our President has accomplished, against all odds.

Let’s support and pray for our pro-family President.

If leftist Democrats take back the House, and possibly the Senate, the new Congress will without a doubt pursue the impeachment process. They will block every attempt by the President to oppose their socialist new world order agenda, and they will definitely prevent him from appointing any conservative Supreme Court justices. In short, the “comeback party” will be over, and the Liberal backlash against Conservatives will be felt full force and in unprecedented fashion.

Which Candidates to Choose

President Trump desperately needs a Congress that will work with him rather than attack him and obstruct his every effort to restore our nation. Let’s surprise the liberal Socialists and overwhelm them at the polls by electing conservative, pro-Constitution candidates who will support the President. When assessing which Representatives and Senators to vote for, consider who will best defend our national sovereignty, our personal freedoms – including free speech, the right to worship, and protection of privacy, and who will be most likely to support and encourage our Judeo-Christian values.

I fully understand that we must never put all of our hope in political candidates. To do so would be a grave mistake. Our only hope, eternally speaking, is to be found in Jesus Christ. We must never forget this. Having said that, we must also realize that we are God’s ambassadors – His “salt” and “light” in this dark place. If we, who are the Lord’s representatives in this world sit back, throw in the towel, and stop fighting for what is right and true, our society will rapidly disintegrate, and evil will prevail on every front. Then persecution will begin in earnest – against us, our children and grandchildren.

The stakes are very high. If we act quickly and soberly in obedience to the Lord, and in a spirit of repentance and humility before Him, perhaps He will yet again intervene on our behalf and give us more time. But, we have to do our part – that includes voting for the best political candidates! ■