COVID Advice: Don’t Act out of Fear!

By Gary Kah.

When one takes in all of the non-stop, rapid fire information (really propaganda) promoting the various Covid vaccines as the only way out of the current crisis, it is easy to drink the Kool-Aid. If Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and Newsmax all trumpet the benefits of these vaccines and urge their viewers to get them, there must be good reason to do so, right?! After all, it is rare for these media outlets to agree on anything; so when they do, we had better believe them because their information must be accurate and true…But not so fast!

An increasing number of medical doctors – some of them highly decorated – are taking to social media in an urgent attempt to warn citizens of the potential dangers of the Covid vaccines. Most of them agree that the most damaging side effects will not be noticed until months after the vaccine is administered. In other words, if you take a Covid vaccine, you are essentially participating in an experiment where “the cure” could end up being far worse than the disease itself. For some people it may not take months to experience the negative reactions; they may reap the consequences almost immediately – even on the spot. In fact, thousands of vaccine recipients in the US and abroad have had adverse reactions, some of them deadly, but the reporting on this in the major media has been scant to non-existent.

Because of this concerted effort to hide the facts, I have repeatedly urged our readers and listeners not to take the vaccine. The risks are simply too great. Would you put yourself through chemotherapy if you haven’t been diagnosed with cancer? The answer is obvious: Of course not! Yet, uninformed and ill-advised people are rushing by the millions to put this new, unproven, technologically-advanced gene modifying substance into their bodies.

While it is true that each person is responsible for their own decision on this matter, I want to have a clear conscience before the Lord by doing everything possible to put the best medical information and data into your hands, in order that you can make a wise and thoroughly informed decision. There is not much more I can personally say on this subject that I haven’t already communicated in recent articles or programs. Instead, I strongly encourage you to watch the following online videos featuring doctors and medical experts who provide the technical explanations for why you should avoid the vaccine. Together, they cover a lot of ground. Here’s an overview of what to expect.


Host: Alex Newman

Guest: Dr. Lee Merrit

Length: 30 minutes

Summary: Dr. Lee Merrit is a classically trained physician and is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. She spent 10 years as a military surgeon and has been an orthopedic spinal surgeon for 27 years. She has also studied bio-weapons (the weaponization of medicine) and has been a featured speaker at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. She is the only woman who has ever been awarded the Lewis & Goldstein Fellowship in Spinal Surgery.

In this segment Dr. Merrit shares her belief that Covid-19 was from the beginning a biologically manipulated bio-weapon. She discusses the weaponization of medicine, including China’s involvement. She explains how the Covid virus works and spreads, and examines why the Covid vaccine is being so vigorously promoted even though there are treatments – such as Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and others – that are highly effective. Dr. Merrit does not consider the Covid “vaccines” to be true vaccines. She points out the dangers of these experimental concoctions and explains how mRNA and spike proteins work. She strongly opposes a mandatory vaccine and tells us what steps we must take to fight this deception and get the truth out. (A MUST SEE!)

Her recommended websites: America’s Frontline Doctors (, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (, and Great Barrington Declaration (


Host: Reinette Senum

Guest: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Length: 63 minutes

Summary: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopathic doctor who has practiced medicine since 1985. She is Board Certified in emergency medicine and was the director of a Level 2 trauma center for 12 years. In 1996, she started an integrative medicine practice in Cleveland, Ohio, where she still serves. She has done over 40,000 hours of research and has written hundreds of articles on the dangers of certain vaccines.

In this interview Dr. Tenpenny explains how the most harmful side effects of the mRNA Covid vaccines will begin to manifest in some recipients in a few months (estimated 4-14 months). She highlights the thousands of adverse reactions, some deadly, that have already been experienced by those who’ve received the vaccines. These cases are being completely ignored/covered up by the mass media. Tenpenny elaborates on how the mRNA vaccines work and what they do, in an easy-to-understand fashion. She details how these vaccines will actually alter your immune system so it can’t properly defend you against future Covid strains; she also reveals some of the ingredients in the vaccines. She has written a 6-part series of articles on Coronavirus which may be reviewed at her website. (A clear and thorough presentation.)

Her recommended websites:  and 


Hosts: Marcus & Joni Lamb

Guests: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Simone Gold, and Del Bigtree

Length: 60 minutes

Summary: This Daystar program features Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of Children’s Health Defense (CHD); Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors; Del Bigree, CEO of Informed Consent Action Network and host of “The Highwire”; and plays excerpts of Dr. Pierre Kory’s congressional testimony on Covid.

Kennedy shares his concerns over the genetic engineering technology being used in the new mRNA vaccines. He discusses the long term side effects this may have and the more immediate adverse reactions the vaccines have already produced. He also exposes some of the corrupt politics behind the Covid vaccine push, including the improper alliances and past doings of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Kory hits hard against the medical establishment’s suppression of the truth and their refusal to offer and promote Ivermectin, which works so effectively in protecting people from Coronavirus.

Dr. Gold, who is one of the leaders of America’s Frontline Doctors, is a Board Certified Emergency Room doctor and an attorney. She stresses that the Covid “vaccines” are actually experimental substances that should not be offered to the public and should never be made mandatory. She describes them as experimental biological agents, not vaccines. She goes on to explain how existing treatments effectively work against the Coronavirus and tells us how we can obtain Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from America’s Frontline Doctors (go to She also offers pointers on how we can resist the vaccine if employers mandate it (visit

Del Bigtree touches on the World Health Organization’s agenda to force worldwide vaccination and addresses how the Coronavirus vaccines can potentially weaken, rather than strengthen, one’s immune system. He notes the ongoing suppression and censorship of those who are trying to warn the public about these vaccines. This is an alarming agenda at work; Fauci and his cronies, with help from the media, are putting forth a dangerous false narrative. Bigtree lays out what steps we should take to make the vaccine producers liable for damages to patients and to hold them accountable. (A very interesting and informative program.)

Their recommended websites: and  Also, 


Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Mumper, MD

PowerPoint Presentation: How Do We Know the Covid Vaccine is Safe?

Length: 49 minutes

Summary: Dr. Mumper, a renowned Pediatrician working with R. F. Kennedy’s Children Health Defense (CHD) organization, provides an excellent overview of why the Covid vaccines should concern us. Mumper has 40 years of pediatric medical experience and is a qualified expert on vaccine safety. She offers guidelines on how to develop safe vaccines, laying out the criteria for accurate and transparent testing. She also points out the differences between the various Covid vaccines and makes a case against mandatory vaccinations. In addition, Dr. Mumper discusses the potential of tiny bio-chips being injected into humans via vaccinations. Lastly, she gives practical advice on how we can strengthen our immune systems against Covid. (A professional, well done presentation.)

* * * * * * * * * * *

My goal is simple. I want to equip our people with the best available information on the potential side effects of the Covid vaccines. This information is being suppressed by the media and censored by the Internet/social media giants. They are constantly removing the warnings of credible doctors in an effort to keep us in the dark on these matters. Their video messages are typically reposted only to be taken down again within days (or sometimes, hours). It has become a “cat and mouse” game. 

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take the time to view the presentations listed above. It will take you about 3 hours and 20 minutes to watch all 4 videos – well worth your time!

Once you’ve viewed these videos, please help us get this important information out quickly. Pass it on to your family and friends, and urge them to do the same. We cannot force individuals to make a choice one way or the other regarding the Covid vaccines. However, we are responsible before God to present what we do know to those in our circle of influence – especially to those directly under our care.

Many people are unfortunately rushing to get the vaccine out of fear, most of which has been perpetrated by the media. This is not of God. The fact is, people make poor decisions when acting out of fear.  To overcome their fear, they need to renew their trust in the Lord while becoming better informed.

As part of your effort to inform others, be sure to let them know how they can obtain Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin (through as a preventative measure. This will offer them some peace of mind if they are fearful. Also, if you know of someone who is being pressured by their employer to take the vaccine, please direct them to where they can obtain some helpful information and recommendations.

I believe you will find these presentations to be very beneficial; they will answer many of the questions you have concerning the Covid vaccines. ■

Clarification of Statements by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

We recently received an inquiry questioning the exact wording of R. F. Kennedy’s message that was featured in Health and Money News. (We had reprinted some of his statements on page 3 of our Winter 2021 issue.) So, I contacted the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) organization, of which Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is the Chairman of the Board. I quickly heard back from the organization, kindly addressing my concerns. Here is their email response:

Hi Gary,

RFK Jr, doesn’t tell people to avoid the vaccine at all cost. [emphasis mine] He wants people to have the right to choose and the right to full informed consent.

We can’t review your piece, but here is a good video that you might want to share with your friends that is “CHD” approved.

How Do We Know the Covid Vaccine is Safe?

Hope this helps,


NOTE: As you will see when you watch this PowerPoint video, Kennedy’s organization continues to take a strong position against improperly tested/potentially harmful vaccines, including those of the Covid variety.

Will FBI Investigate China COVID Collusion?

A well placed friend of ours recently sent us a ground-breaking document calling for an FBI investigation into the entire Covid narrative. This 40-page report is titled “Request for Expedited Federal Investigation into Scientific Fraud in Public Health Policies,” and is dated January 10, 2021. It is international in scope and was put together by legal, military, and medical experts from several countries. This report requesting FBI action is extremely well done. The documentation linking China to every facet of the Covid narrative – from the fraudulent testing to the mandated lockdowns – is so complete and thorough, it is impossible to dismiss. The only question is, will our compromised intelligence agencies do anything with this?

Regardless of whether the FBI pursues the parties who’ve collaborated with China in perpetrating this massive deception, we must do our part to quickly disseminate this information. Our God is a God of Truth. His people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) – not only in a spiritual sense, but also physically at times. The government and private sector’s over-the-top response to Covid is a snare that will rob us of our freedoms if we don’t wake up and spread the truth while we can. Please do everything within your power to get this report into the hands of your elected officials, pastors, community leaders and friends. Time is of the essence! You can access the report at: