Hope for the World

Good Riddance!

By Gary H. Kah

Written on January 6, 2017

Never in my life have I been so glad to see a US President leave office. I had always hoped that the first African-American President would be someone like a George Washington Carver, Tony Dungy (former football coach), or Dr. Ben Carson – a devout, common-sense Christian that our country could rally around and support. But instead, Americans voted for the most anti-Christian, left-leaning, ultra-liberal, pro-Muslim member of Congress. They did so not once, but twice. As a result, we are now more divided as a nation than at any time since the Civil War.


The damage done to our country – and world – by Barack Hussein Obama has been extreme and may be irreversible. His negative influence has affected every major area of civil society and international affairs through the judges he appointed, the overall atmosphere of tolerance (for immorality) he created, and the pro-Muslim/anti-Israel decisions he made in the Middle East. Everything he influenced has resulted in greater chaos and instability. He has succeeded in moving America much farther away from its Christian foundation, turning it into a cesspool of moral confusion. To Mr. Obama and his closest advisors I say, “Good Riddance!”

Obama soon to take last flight aboard Air Force One

I would like to begin celebrating Obama’s departure, but then I’m reminded of the fact that he still has a couple of weeks left to do even more damage. He seems to be an expert at creating havoc on short notice, and is able to do so with a calm smile. Thus, anything could happen between now and when he actually leaves office. As far as I’m concerned, January 20th cannot come quickly enough!

The Trump Era

The fact is, I feel sorry for Donald Trump. I would not want to be in his shoes. The enormity of the challenges he faces in attempting to undo Obama’s “legacy of evil” is mindboggling. He will need nothing short of a miracle. We must all pray fervently for God’s divine favor and wisdom to rest upon the Trump Administration, assuming they are able to take office without incident.


It is imperative that Trump surrounds himself with wise men and women who are knowledgeable and discerning – preferably Christians. So far, most of his choices to fill Cabinet positions have been solid. Mike Pence, as head of Trump’s transition team, has had a significant influence on his decisions; as has Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, who deserves a lot of credit.


If Trump is actually sworn in, his first 100 days will be crucial. He will be opposed by the media and liberal establishment on every front. Nothing will come easy. Therefore, he will need to act swiftly and decisively to implement his reforms – before the Left knows what’s hit them.


As I am writing this article, Obama is doing everything in his power to hand Trump a failing hand of cards. Obama’s betrayal of Israel, by refusing to veto the recent UN resolution which favors the Palestinians over Israel, is just one example. Trump will inherit a diplomatic nightmare – a royal mess by any standard. Liberals, I believe, are deliberately putting up obstacles which they hope will guarantee Trump’s failure.


I personally believe the Obama Administration has been laying the groundwork for World War III (to be fomented in the Middle East) and for an eventual economic collapse, both of which are necessary in order to make a compelling argument in favor of an all-powerful, post-crisis world government system. The “Global Establishment” will do everything possible to get Trump to take the bait and step into the traps they have laid. They have created the problems and now will count on Trump to be the “fall guy,” so that they can pin the blame for everything that goes wrong on him and the conservative, pro-America movement. If they succeed, Trump’s perceived failure would create an insurmountable backlash from Liberals who will turn out in unprecedented numbers four years from now. Conservatives have this one shot to turn things around against all odds, and Donald Trump – like it or not – will be our Commander-in-Chief through this dangerous period.

What Trump Must Do

On the domestic front President Trump will need to move quickly during his first weeks in office by taking the following actions:

● Appoint a conservative pro-Christian, pro-Constitution, pro-Life justice to the Supreme Court to fill the current vacancy. Trump may have to fight hard to get such an individual approved. This could be his first real test. Conservatives will have to band together and apply creative pressure on the liberal television and social media outlets and other immoral/anti-Christian institutions, which include most major universities, most of the film industry, and radical religious elements (including Islamic and New Age).

● Appoint dozens of conservative federal judges throughout the country. Trump will step into an incredible opportunity to appoint over 100 federal judges during his first term – more than twice as many as Obama was able to appoint during his first four years. Many of these positions will be open, waiting to be filled immediately.

● Tighten national security on all fronts as the US will become an even greater target for Islamic terrorists and domestic anarchists. Shoring up our border is important, but the problem is thousands of potential terrorists are already on American soil waiting to strike. No easy solution here. This might be Trump’s biggest challenge. Obama left his successor with a real nightmare by allowing so many Muslims into the country under his watch. At the same time, Obama allowed almost no Syrian/Iraqi Christians into the US, even though these are the refugees who have been most persecuted by their oppressors. I would urge President Trump to open the doors to these precious people who pose no threat and have no safe place to return to in the Middle East.

● Fire any CIA and other intelligence officials who’ve shown signs of advocating one-world/pro-UN agendas. Only those individuals who are committed to defending our national sovereignty and are completely dedicated to upholding our US Constitution should be permitted to stay on. The same rules should apply to the State Department which has been heavily stacked with pro-world government Leftists almost from its inception.

● Introduce legislation to bring tax relief to middle class Americans – especially to small and mid-sized businesses which are the backbone of our economy. This would provide an almost immediate “shot in the arm” to our current weak economic condition. Another boost to small businesses would be recognized by slashing government red tape. Many, if not most of the thousands of pages of government regulations defy common sense and only stifle competition and productivity.

● Along with reducing taxes and government red tape, Trump must simultaneously work to eliminate waste in every area of our government’s enormous bureaucracy. Otherwise, his tax cuts could lead to a sudden massive increase in our national debt, which already has our nation teetering on the edge.

● Phase out Obamacare over a few years, while introducing new private sector health options that could include tax breaks on deductibles. Any new health plans should be modeled after existing HSA (Health Savings Account) plans. These have been highly successful, somewhat less expensive, and provide tax breaks on the amount of money placed into the HSA annually. Some of the existing Christian burden-sharing plans, such as Medi-Share, also are quite successful at providing decent coverage for a fair price. For example, our family is currently paying $6,400 a year for a medical plan with a $5,000 annual deductible. We have been very pleased with the coverage during our first two years on this plan. (For more information, visit https://mychristiancare.org or call 1-800-264-2562.) Other Christian network plans also exist; each of them providing different options and prices. Our government, as well as private insurance companies would do well to learn from these innovative groups which are based on Christian principles.

● Work toward the goal of complete energy independence within eight years; with an ultimate goal of becoming the world’s largest energy exporter. Direct some of the resulting revenue toward paying down our national debt. Reduce unreasonable red tape and drilling regulations without neglecting valid environmental concerns. Expand tax breaks for companies developing new, more efficient forms of energy. Highlight opportunities for middle-class Americans to invest in some of these promising ventures. Also, provide incentives to build several new high-tech/low pollution oil refineries throughout America. There are currently too few refineries, enabling major oil companies to manipulate the market by using the refinery bottleneck as an excuse to fluctuate regional prices at will. These refineries could even be set up as regional co-op enterprises, with Americans of all income classes being able to benefit from their profits.

On the international front President Trump faces more daunting challenges. He will need to take the following measures:

● Reaffirm our commitment to Israel by formally declaring the Jewish state as our ally and partner in the Middle East. Then, back it up by immediately cutting off all US government funding to any nation denying Israel’s right to exist. In addition, prohibit any private assistance from US organizations to nations or groups who have called for the destruction or annihilation of the Jewish state. Declare an end to the US push for a two-state solution (which confines Israel to its pre-1967 boundaries and thereby renders her virtually indefensible). Move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

● Reject the recently approved anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution #2334 by formally declaring our opposition to it. Then, introduce a new UN resolution overturning the previous one. Make clear to Security Council members that the US will cut off all funding to the United Nations if the Council does not ratify the new resolution in support of Israel. (US taxpayers currently provide about 20 percent of the UN’s funding, yet the organization consistently condemns Israel while favoring radical Islamic groups and rogue states. The UN only wants the US for its money and influence – as a patsy to further its world government agenda.) It is almost certain that the UN would not reverse its position on Israel. At that point the Trump Administration should move to expel the UN from its New York headquarters. This would represent the boldest move against the Global Establishment by a US president since the days of Abraham Lincoln.

● Shore up our relationship with Russia to the best extent possible by working jointly to destroy ISIS. And stop meddling in Syria! Prior to its current civil war – which US intelligence helped to create – Syria was one of the more stable countries in the Middle East. While I am not a fan of Bashar al-Assad, under his leadership Syria’s Christians enjoyed significant freedom of worship and a degree of protection from radical Islamic elements (similar to the situation that existed in Egypt under Hosni Mubarak before Obama helped overthrow Mubarak’s regime in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood). Most Christians in Syria sided with their president when the war first broke out because they recognized the potential consequences if Syria came under the control of radical Islam (like what happened in Egypt). As a result, they experienced incredible persecution, torture, and death at the hands of some of the very rebel forces that US intelligence was supporting. Today, predictably, Syria is in shambles, the refugee crisis has spilled over into Europe and the US, and thousands of Christians have been executed.

   Furthermore, Assad has been Russia’s closest ally in the Mideast. By directly supporting the overthrow of President Assad, the Obama Administration was essentially picking a fight with Russia that could lead to WWIII. Now Trump will have to deal with this horrific mess. It won’t be easy. If anything goes wrong, the mainstream media will protect Obama’s “legacy” by blaming Trump.

● Stop meddling in other nations. Learn from Obama’s tampering in Egypt, Libya, Ukraine and Syria. Each of these countries is worse off as a result of US covert (and overt) efforts to topple their governments. Christians and innocent civilians have suffered the most.

● Regarding China, North Korea and Iran: Move cautiously while strengthening our defensive capabilities. North Korea is within months of having nuclear missiles capable of hitting our west coast. Iran will have similar capabilities soon, and even now could likely shut down or significantly cripple our power grid if they set their minds to it. China could assist both countries behind the scenes if they have a reason to do so. The reality is, we live in a dangerous world.

Final Thoughts

While a major hurdle was cleared with the defeat of Hillary Clinton, we must not make the mistake of viewing Donald Trump as our nation’s savior. God can certainly work through wise, competent leaders to turn a bad situation around. The fact that Trump – a man of the world – is surrounding himself with capable and even some godly advisors and Cabinet members is an encouraging step in the right direction. However, he will have to fight hostile liberal forces every step of the way. The battle will be fierce, and we will need to pray for his protection – and that of his family – as there could be attempts made on their lives. Ultimately, the only way America will get through this dangerous period is if a growing number of our country’s sons and daughters seek the Lord whole-heartedly with repentant hearts and submissive spirits.


If the people of our nation turn from their sins, I believe God might intervene on our behalf as He did when the prophet Elisha was surrounded by enemy forces. Elisha’s servant was panic-stricken when he recognized the strength of the army they were up against. Elisha, full of faith and the Spirit of God, responded, “Don’t be afraid…Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” (2 Kings 6:16) Then he prayed that the Lord would open his servant’s eyes. Suddenly Elisha’s servant saw the hills all around them covered with horses and chariots of fire – powerful supernatural forces that God had put in place to protect them. If America wants to experience God’s supernatural protection, our people must walk closely with Him so that He will hear our prayers.


We are currently approaching the end of scenario two, as described in my October article “Who Will it Be?” If Trump is inaugurated, we will enter scenario three, in which he will receive extreme opposition from adversaries seeking to ruin our country. I am praying that with God’s help America will be able to navigate through this very dangerous phase, and make it to scenario four – a time of restoration and healing.


As we begin this new year, let us draw close to our Lord Jesus Christ – spending more time studying His Word and communing with Him in prayer. Who knows, maybe it is not too late for God to rescue America – if not the whole, then at least the part – perhaps limiting His severest judgment to the cities and regions most responsible for propagating wickedness. The Lord exercised “selective judgment” in ancient times by allowing Israel (the Northern Kingdom) to be taken captive, while sparing Judah (the Southern Kingdom) for a few more generations, because her sin had not yet reached its full measure and there was still a strong remnant seeking God. Could this be a lesson for America? ■

“God has called us to bear witness to Him at a critical point of history. It is not only exciting and interesting to be a Christian now, it is a great privilege and responsibility.”

― H.R. Rookmaaker, Modern Art and the Death of Culture (Inter-Varsity Press, 1970), p. 250.

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